The Circus is Coming!

Summer, the time of hot days, baseball and apple pie, and the circus coming to town.  Just what was the draw of the circus?  The big tents, the clowns, the exotic animals, the trapeze and high wire acrobatics, jugglers, etc. . . . they were just plain fun!   Did you know that sixty years ago today (in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) was the last time that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus did a show in a “big tent?”  It all boiled down to the economics (cost) of putting on the shows.  All subsequent shows were to be held in arenas.


And speaking of circuses, did you know that there is a circus cemetery in Hugo, Oklahoma?  A mere two-and-a-half hour drive south (and a little east) of Tulsa will bring you to this historical gem of a town.

According to, “This southeastern Oklahoma town first caught the eye of the Kelly Miller Circus, back in 1937.  Hugo’s central location and temperate climate proved an ideal base for a caravan of performers, and through the years the idea caught on.  More than 20 different circuses have called Hugo home, and three still do.”



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