99 Great Ways to Save (Part 1)!

In the July /August issue of the AARP Bulletin, several experts offer tips and tricks that will help you save money in a variety of categories: travel, technology, home, finance, style, food, fun, getting there, health, and entertainment.  Part 1 will be the travel category (tips courtesy of Samantha Brown [AARP travel expert] and Rick Stevens [European guidebook author and TV travel show host]).

  1. Choose a destination based on its “restaurant week.”
  2. Be a house sitter (TrustedHousesitter.com).
  3. Last minute deals (app HotelTonight)
  4. Update your documents (valid passport for at least six months past travel).
  5. Don’t pay for pricey massages on the road.
  6. Travel with peanut butter (but, it counts as a carry-on liquid).
  7. Buy second-class train seats.
  8. Get cash overseas at ATMs.
  9. Check for last-minute deals at business hotels.
  10. Get your rental car in town (as opposed to the airport or train station).
  11. Use local cash.
  12. Go carless in urban centers.

Source: AARP Bulletin, July/August 2016, p. 21-22

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