Necktie of the Month – October 2016!

August 2016This month’s necktie . . . an oldie, but a favorite for many years.  I remember when this one was first purchased, I had it paired with my dark brown suit and a sage-colored shirt (accompanied by dark blue suspenders).  It was truly a killer combination.  But it also pairs well with any tan-colored suit/shirt combination.  The key to successful necktie purchases is ensuring you have the ability to wear them with more than one shirt and more than one suit.  This particular tie would also pair nicely with a pale blue shirt, a gold-toned shirt, or a white shirt (of course, everything goes well with white).  This tie completes my eighth year of the “Necktie of the Month.”  I have posted nearly 100 neckties and still have more than a dozen that have not yet been posted (and I continue to purchase new tie all the time), so despite the longevity of this column, I’m not it danger of running out of material for at least another year or so.  The bad news . . . I’m getting down to the more “conservative” neckties which aren’t as much fun (or as colorful) as some of the ones I’ve already posted.  Alas, what is a collector to do?



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