99 Great Ways to Save (Part 6)!

In the July /August issue of the AARP Bulletin, several experts offer tips and tricks that will help you save money in a variety of categories: travel, technology, home, finance, style, food, fun, getting there, health, and entertainment.  Part 6 will be the food category (tips courtesy of Joe Randall [founder of Chef Joe Randall’s Cooking School], Chef Brendan Walsh [dean of culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America], and David Pogue [founder of Yahoo Tech and author of Pogue’s Basics]).

53. Be your own butcher (boneless costs more).
54. Avoid the impulse to overbuy.
55. Buy spices in small quantities.
56. Extend the life of fresh herbs (wrap in moist paper towel, seal in plastic bag).
57. Cook under pressure.
58. Use all your food (plan meals to use leftovers).
59. Freeze flavor (garlic, ginger, and lemons can be frozen for later).
60. Revive old bread (if stale, wet crust, then bake 300 for 6-12 minutes).
61. Revive wilted greens (soak in lukewarm H2O for 30 minutes, rinse with cold H2O).

Source: AARP Bulletin, July/August 2016, p. 26.


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