Happy Halloween!

Today would have normally been the day I post “Amazing Adjectives, Number Eight!  However, being Halloween, I found a topic that is more worthy of some interesting synonyms instead of adjectives.  The word I chose to highlight today: zombie; the synonyms I found (including a couple that I had never heard of before: lich and draugr):

The types of the “undead”


Photo courtesy of Robert Bejil (Knott 017) from Flickr

  • ghoul
  • jaingshi
  • lich
  • mummy
  • skeleton
  • revenant
  • vampire
  • wight
  • draugr

The lich, is a type of undead creature from fantasy fiction.
The draugr or draug is an undead creature from Norse mythology.

The forms of “incorporeal spirits”

  • Grim Reaper
  • banshee
  • ghost
  • spectre
  • phantom
  • poltergeist
  • shadow person
  • wraith

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