Necktie of the Month – November 2016!

necktie-tealI’m really going to have to invest in a better camera (my phone camera is grossly inadequate for capturing the true color of items).  Here is one of my latest neckties (houndstooth pattern) that I was able to acquire during a recent trip to Michigan.  The colors should be a bright and vibrant combination of teal/aqua,pink, and black; the shirt is also a bright teal/aqua . . . not this drab gray/green as displayed here.  Despite having a hint of pink, this necktie will not go well with any of my pink shirts, but it will coordinate nicely with my gray, black, and white shirts.  When I look at this shirt and tie combination in this photo (versus the in-person look), I feel as though I have cataracts — the colors are totally muted — my humblest apologies.  tealEven though this necktie is brightly colored, it still represents a rather conservative necktie pattern (for me).  The non-conservative shirt color (which has not been captured at all, but trust me, it is awesome, similar to the “swatch” at the right) certainly makes up for the necktie.


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