Be The Bridge!

bethebridge_largeHappy Sunday! Learning to see the humor in everything is a talent that can sometimes take a while to develop.  I’d like to think that I have achieved the ability to not take the world too seriously (I certainly am always quick with a joke or humorous quip, almost to the point of being obnoxious [but not quite]).  And, I have long been a fan of‘s demotivator series (“demotivator” has been defined by as the condition of being without motivation).  As luck would have it, late last year they unveiled several new ones. They never cease to amuse me and I think this would have been an awesome job to challenge my wit and creativity; and how much fun could I have with the opportunity to come up with these catchy phrases and captions (hmm, perhaps it is not too late to explore).  Priceless to say the least (and usually so tongue-in-cheek that they are more often quite accurate despite their poking fun at life).  Enjoy!


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