Everything Happens for a Reason!

I recently read a book entitled: Everything Happens for a Reason: Finding the True Meaning of the Events in Our Lives by Mira Kirshenbaum.  The author offers us a list of ten basic “reasons” that things happen; Ms. Kirshenbaum posits one underlying principle behind these reasons: “the good that comes out of the bad things that happen to you is to help you become your best most authentic self.”  The reasons:

  1. To help you feel at home in the world.
  2. To help you totally accept yourself.
  3. To show you that you can let go of fear.
  4. To bring you to the place where you can feel forgiveness.
  5. To help you uncover your true hidden talent.
  6. To give you what you need to find true love.
  7. To help you become stronger.
  8. To help you discover the play in life.
  9. To show you how to live with a sense of mission
  10. To help you become a truly good person.

I really do believe that things happen for a reason and this book has provided a framework for this that I can get my head around to help make sense of the why!

Source: Everything Happens for a Reason by Mira Kirshenbaum


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