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The Art of the Good Conversationalist!

August 26, 2017

Happy Saturday!  The key to being a good conversationalist: it is all a bit of “give” and “take.”  No one person should dominate the conversation.  First and foremost, don’t panic and just take it one idea or one sentence at a time.  Secondly, think before you speak; while “I” represents the smallest letter of the alphabet, keep from making it the largest word in your vocabulary.  Make sure you pick content that seems appropriate to the people you are conversing with.  You can never go wrong with compliments and other personal remarks (unless they are not sincere) and when you receive a compliment, simply say “thank you.”  You certainly do not want to belittle the compliment being received.  You should avoid unkind remarks and always use tact.  On the other hand, there are definitely some thing you should avoid when conversing:

  • don’t be a braggart
  • don’t throw in phrases from foreign languages to impress (this is a bit pretentious)
  • don’t be a boor or a bore
  • don’t condescend
  • don’t contradict
  • don’t correct a person’s pronunciation or grammatical errors (an exception: if they are mispronouncing your name)
  • don’t inquire about anyone’s age
  • don’t make derogatory remarks about a group or person(s)
  • don’t be an interrupter
  • don’t use annoying speech mannerisms liberally interspersed in your conversations (ummm, you know, like, etc.)
  • don’t be a name dropper
  • don’t pretend to know more than you do
  • don’t be a secret-teller
  • don’t finish others’ sentences
  • don’t be a snoop (asking too many personal questions)
  • don’t finish  (or correct the details of) someone else’s story
  • don’t dwell on your own problems
  • don’t allow your attention (or your eyes) to wander, show that you are paying attention

Source: Emily Post’s Etiquette (16th ed.) by Peggy Post