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Big Ten Conference Championship 2017!

December 3, 2017

The regular season of football has officially come to a close.  Wisconsin [#4] finished undefeated atop the Big Ten West Division while Ohio State [#8] survived the rigorous East Division, its only conference loss coming on the road at Iowa.  Congratulations to the Ohio State Buckeyes who were crowned Champions of the Big Ten Conference.  It has been a thrilling season full of victories, defeats, upsets, rivalries, disappointments, and unbridled joy!  This is what makes college football so much fun to watch — you just never know what is going to occur from one week to the next.  Rankings and win/loss records don’t always guarantee a victory.  Many an underdog has managed to derail the plans of a ranked or favored opponent.  So, on Tuesday we will find out which four teams actually make the College Football Playoff.  Regardless of who does or does not get the “invitation” to the college football playoff this year, seven (7) teams from the Big Ten, including the Spartans who finished second in the East behind Ohio State, will be getting invitations to play in bowl games over the coming weeks.  But, with the end of college football, comes the gearing up of conference play in college basketball . . . ah, and that means that March Madness is not far behind!  Go Green.

Some of the other conference championship results this weekend included:

Clemson (#1) defeating Miami (#7) to win the ACC Championship.
Oklahoma (#3) defeating TCU (#11) to win the Big-12 Championship.
Georgia (#6) defeating Auburn (#2) to win the SEC Championship.
Ohio State (#8) defeating Wisconsin (#4) by six (6) points to win the Big Ten Championship.
USC (#12) defeating Stanford (#12) by three (3) points to win the Pac-12 Championship.
UCF (#14) defeating Memphis (#20) by seven (7) points in double overtime to win the AAC Conference Championship.
Unranked Boise State defeating Fresno State (#25) by three (3) points to win the Mountain West Championship.