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January 21, 2018

According to, the very first definition of preserve is: “to   keep  alive   or in existence; make lasting.”  When I was going through my mom’s old recipe boxes last summer, I ran across an index card that was not a recipe, but rather, it provided direction on “How to Preserve a Husband” (courtesy of Mrs. Alice Harker).  It definitely brought a smile to my face and will hopefully do the same for you.  Enjoy!

“Be careful in your selections.  Take only those varieties as have been reared in a good moral atmosphere.  When once decided upon and selected, let that part remain forever  settled.  Give your entire thoughts to preparations for domestic use; some insist on keeping them in a pickle, while others are constantly getting them into hot water.  All varieties may be kept sweet and good by garnishing with smiles and kisses.  Wrap well in a mantle of charity; keep warm with a steady fire of domestic devotion, and serve with peaches and cream.  When thus prepared they will keep for years.”