Just the Stats, Man!

Last month I received an informative newsletter from the Michigan State University Libraries that provided their “year-end” statistics in a number of categories (for fiscal year 2016-2017).  Obviously they are a tier-1 research institution and should be expected to have large numbers in these categories, but wow . . . impressive indeed!

 —  6.5 million visitors to the website.
—  1.65 million physical visitors to the main library.

—  646 presentations and events.
—  14,311 reference questions answered.

— 3,972,264 full-text articles retrieved using library databases.
—  1,498,893 searched of library databases.

—  7,805,066 unique titles.
—  7,267,012 total volumes.
—  2,768,9554 e-book titles.
—  1,258 electronic databases.

Interlibrary Loan Services
—  18th largest lender in the world.
—  63,939 items from MSU Libraries’ collections were sent to other libraries around the world.
—  16,164 items were borrowed from other libraries for MSU patrons.
—  5,628 items of our own delivered through  document delivery services.

Source: Insight Newsletter, Summer 2018 p. 6.  Data was compiled by Joshua Sanchez, User Experience & Assessment Librarian, from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

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