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Early Summer!

June 21, 2018

On this, the longest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere), we mark the onset of summer; which also marks the official end of spring . . . so humor me as I share the following poem . . . a day late from its title.  Please enjoy the following poem (in the public domain) by the 18th-century poet, James Thomson

Late Spring

At length the finished garden to the view
Its vistas opens and and its alleys green.
Snatched through the verdant maze, the hurried epye
Distracted wanders; now the bowery walk
Of covert close, where scarce a speck of day
Falls on the lengthened gloom, protracted sweeps;
Now meets the bending sky, the river now
Dimpling along , the breezy ruffled lake,
The forest-darkening round, the glittering spire,
The ethereal mountain, and the distant main.
But why so far excursive? when at hand,
Along these blushing borders bright with dew,
And in yon mingled wilderness of flowers,
Fair-handed Spring unbosoms every grace —
Throws out the snow-drop and the crocus first,
The daisy, primrose, violet darkly blue,
And polyanthus of unnumbered dyes;
The yellow wall-flower, stained with iron brown,
And lavish stock, that scents the garden round:
From the soft wing of vernal breezes shed,
Anemones; auriculas, enriched
With shining meal o’er all their velvet leaves;
And full ranunculus of glowing red.
Then comes the tulip-race, where beauty plays
Her idle freaks: from family diffused
To family, as flies the father-dust,
The varied colours run; and, while they break
On teh charmed eye, teh exulting florist marks
With secret pride the wonder of his hand.