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Fun Fact Friday, Number 149!

October 18, 2019

The category for today’s trivial imponderable is “hodgepodge.”  Do you know . . . how bit parts, cameos, extras, and walk-ons differ?

  • A bit part is a small role for a supporting actor, calling for at least one line of dialogue.
  • A cameo (cameo appearance) is a brief appearance of a famous person (often a non-actor) in a movie, play, or TV show.
  • An extra is an anonymous person appearing in a non-speaking role, usually in the background.
  • A walk-on is marginally more important than an extra because a walk-on is clearly seen, usually performing an easily identifiable action.

Source: Sorry, Wrong Answer: Trivia Questions That Even Know-It-Alls Get Wrong, by Dr. Rod L. Evans.

Traverse City Film Festival, 2018!

July 30, 2018

TCFF2018Tomorrow marks the start of the Traverse City Film Festival . . . a fun-filled week of movie-going and enjoying the exquisitely beautiful Traverse City area in northern lower Michigan.

This year I will be attending only thirteen (13) movies over the course of the festival:

And, we will once again be sponsoring a movie at the film festival (it is showing twice: Wednesday at 9 PM at the Kubrick, and Saturday at 6 PM at the Central High School).  This year’s sponsored film: “Support the Girls.”

Let the movie-watching begin!

Historical Fiction at Its Best!

August 23, 2017

The time has come for me to once again re-read the The Far Pavilions (which I do every three-to-four years for pure entertainment).  An epic novel of British-Indian history that was originally published in 1978 by M. M. Kaye (Mary Margaret).  I cannot explain exactly why I find this read so enthralling except for the possible reason that I’m a hopeless romantic deep down inside and enjoy the total “escapism” by reliving the story over and over.  It is by no means a quick read, either.  At just under 1,000 pages, this tome is a major undertaking, but is worth every treasured moment as I’m transported to nineteenth-century India for many evenings of adventure and romance.

In the opinion of Nancy Banks-Smith (critic for The Guardian), this book is “One of those big, fat paperbacks, intended to while away a monsoon or two, which, if thrown with a good overarm action, will bring a water buffalo to its knees.” (on 4 January 1984)

Source: The Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations, category: Books, entry #2, p. 41.

Something to Trumpet About!

July 12, 2017

Here’s a version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (a la a trumpet quartet) . . . enjoy!

Happy Fourth of July, 2017!

July 4, 2017

As we celebrate the anniversary of our day of independence, here is a unique version of our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, by a trio of trumpet players.  Enjoy!

How About Some Shakespeare?!

May 27, 2017

ShakespeareDo you ever get that hankering to attend a Shakespeare play?  While there are numerous places throughout the country that offer the occasional play, the three best venues to do so in the United States include: the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Ashland, OR), the Illinois Shakespeare Festival  (Bloomington/Normal, IL), and the Utah Shakespeare Festival (Cedar City, UT).

If you can’t make it to one of these, there are several other festivals around . . . then check out this list of Shakespearean Theatre Companies to find a company near you.

My college offers a week-long trip to Ashland to attend the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in late summer every year (hosted by our resident Shakespeare Scholar, Dr. John Mercer).  I’ve been dying to go along on this trip, but the timing for me just hasn’t worked out yet (it has recently conflicted with my regularly scheduled vacation to Michigan to visit family) . . . one of these years the timing and the stars will align to allow me to attend.

How About a Date?

November 5, 2015

If you are wanting to enjoy a night out on the town, it shouldn’t be a problem in any of these towns.  Between the performing arts companies, museums, concert venues, sports stadiums, and movie theaters, you will have plenty of entertainment options in these top cities (courtesy of the AARP Bulletin).   Here are the top ten cities where entertainment is plentiful (based on city size — small, medium, and large).  For more details, check out AARP’s Livability Index.

Small cities
1.  Brentwood, TN
2.  Franklin, TN
3.  Spring Hill, TN
4.  Novato, CA
5.  San Rafael, CA
6.  Charlottesville, VA
7.  Fredericksburg, VA
8.  Pittsfield, MA
9.  Juneau, AK
10.  Barnstabletown, MA

Medium Cities
1.  Richmond, VA
2.  New Orleans, LA
3.  St. Louis, MO
4.  Santa Maria, CA
5.  Gresham, OR
6.  Atlanta, GA
7.  Fargo, ND
8.  Abilene, TX
9.  Yonkers, NY
10.  Minneapolis, MN

Large Cities
1.  Nashville, TN
2.  San Francisco, CA
3.  Washington, DC
4.  New York, NY
5.  Boston, MA
6.  Portland, OR
7.  Denver, CO
8.  Los Angeles, CA
9.  Austin, TX
10.  Seattle, WA

Source: AARP Bulletin (May 2015)