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It’s Heart Health Month!

February 17, 2019

Happy February!  February is “American Heart Month.”  Here is an infographic (courtesy of the American Heart Association) with some facts about heart disease.


Where Are the Home Care Workers?!

February 3, 2019

How does your state rank in the ratio of health care workers to adults age 75 or more?  Here are the states with the highest ratios as well as the states with the lowest ratios (courtesy of; rates represent the number of health care aides per 1,000 adults age 75+).

Highest ratio
1. Washington DC (302.0)
2. Alaska (264.2)
3. Minnesota (257.9)
4. New York (251.3)
5. New Mexico (29.7)
6. Texas (190.9)
7. Wisconsin (162.4)
8. Vermont (161.8)
9. Maine (154.8)
10 Louisiana (154.3)

Lowest ratio
1. Florida (27.9)
2. South Dakota (54.5)
3. Tennessee (55.4)
4. Mississippi (57.5)
5. Georgia (60.1)
6. Kentucky (62.6)
7. Nebraska (68.5)
8. Maryland (72.8)
9. Nevada (75.1)
10. California (75.4)

Source: AARP Bulletin, September 2018, p. 44.

It’s Winter!

January 17, 2019

And now that winter has arrived, here is an informative infographic (courtesy of Eastern Mountain Sports School) that outlines the good, the bad, and the ugly of this season we call winter.  Enjoy!


Time to Unplug?!

November 17, 2018

How attached are you to your phone or other portable devices (or your computer)?  Are  you on or using your technology all day?  Could it be time for you to unplug a bit?  Here is a great infographic (courtesy of Injinji) that might be just the push you need.


It’s Flu Season . . . Have You Gotten Your Shot?!

October 11, 2018

How does your state rank when it comes to flu vaccination for senior adults?  Here are the states with the highest (as well as the lowest) percentage of seniors (age 65+) who have reported getting a flu vaccine in the past year.

Highest percentage
1. West Virginia (67.5%)
2. Iowa (67.0%)
3.  Pennsylvania (65.5%)
4.  Missouri (64.9%)
5. Colorado (64.7%)
5. North Carolina (64.7%)
7. Oklahoma (64.3%)
8. South Dakota (63.4%)
9.  Virginia (63.0%)
10. Minnesota (62.9%)

Lowest percentage
1. Wisconsin (49.5%)
2. Oregon (51.5%)
3. Louisiana (51.6%)
4. Washington, DC (51.7%)
5.  Arizona (53.4%)
6. Idaho (53.6%)
7.  Arkansas (53.9%)
7.  Alaska (53.9%)
9. Nevada (54.1%)
10. Nebraska (54.8%)

Source: AARP Bulletin, October 2018 issue, p. 48; America’s Health Rankings Senior Report 2018.

Time for a Massage!

July 16, 2018

Happy Monday!  Yesterday marked the start of “Everybody Deserves a Massage Week.”  So I say it is time to fit one into your schedule.  The Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) sponsor this annual event (which began in 1995) as a way to promote the benefits of massage.  Check your local area for spas/massage therapists who may be providing discounted offerings this week.  Here is a list of some providers in the Tulsa area.


June 18, 2018

Happy Monday!  And, for me, Happy “First-Day-Back-To-Work-After-a-Weeklong-Absence!”  And, while I was away on business attending a conference, rather than away for pleasure, I’m experiencing what is commonly called the vacation blues (or the holiday blues in some countries), or sometimes even referred to as post-travel depression [PTD], a much less common phrase, but actually a more accurate description of my current return.

Following a quick search of the internet, I have come to find out that this is a commonly written about phenomenon.  Who knew?  Here are some recent articles to get you started (and there are many, many more).

The good news for me, there are a few of the common suggestions that I already incorporate into my routine: start planning the next vacation, return a couple of days prior to having to return to work (and continue relaxing, but in familiar surroundings), and exercising while away

Happy Men’s Health Month!

June 3, 2018

June is Men’s Health Month.

“The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.”

So, for all of you men out there, when’s the last time you visited your doctor for a routine checkup?  I would encourage a visit every year (whether you feel like you need to or not).  You know what they say about “an ounce of prevention . . . ”  “It is worth a pound of cure.”

You can also raise awareness by participating in Wear BLUE Day  which is celebrated every year on the Friday of Men’s Health Week (usually the Friday before Father’s Day)!  This year, Wear Blue Day is Friday, June 15th.

Life With Anxiety!

May 17, 2018

May is National Mental Health month.   And, while we are already half way through the month, here is a great infographic on anxiety (courtesy of Mental Health America, B4Stage4).


How Do You Feel?!

April 28, 2018

The April issue of the AARP Bulletin examined the state-by-state rankings based upon the percentage of seniors (aged 65+) who “self-report” that their health is very good or excellent.

Who reports being healthy the most?
1. Colorado (52.3%)
2. New Hampshire (51.3%)
3.  Vermont (48.6%)
4. Minnesota (48.4%)
5. Idaho (48.3%)
6. Maine (48.0%)
7. Massachusetts (47.9%)
8. Montana (46.4%)
9. Utah (46.3%)
10. Arizona (45.6%)

Who reports being healthy the least?
1. Mississippi (29.0%)
2. Alabama (30.3%)
3. Oklahoma (32.3%) – yikes!
4. Louisiana (32.6%)
5. West Virginia (33.7%)
6. Kentucky (34.2%)
7. Arkansas (34.9%)
8. Tennessee (35.9%)
9. North Carolina (36.9%)
10. Texas (38.2%)
10. New York (38.2%)

Source: AARP Bulletin, April 2018, p. 40; CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System; 2017 America’s Healthy Rankings Senior Report.