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Small Print!

June 19, 2017

Here is the next installment of poetry generally attributed to Thomas, the sixth Earl of Harrington (circa 1730).  Enjoy!

Small Print

I knew a judge, alas the day!
Death took the honest man away;
He was my true, my steady friend,
And so continued to the end:
Though old, he had a deal of wit,
Whole days we would together sit;
Together sup, together dine,
Sometimes drink arrack, sometimes wine.
Pen, ink, and paper still was by,
For oft we did the rhyming try;
Our lines were from ill-nature free,
This made us never disagree.

One day, when wearied on the bench,
He to the tavern went to quench
His raging thirst; I met him there,
And while he did the bowl prepare,
I from my pocket gravely drew
A verse that was entirely new.
On this he took his glasses out,
And straightway clapped them cross his snout,
But thought it would not be amiss,
Ere he began, to go and p—–,
The careless waiter had forgot
To set down a clean chamber-pot,
So to the door the honest judge
Did, without once complaining trudge,
But thoughtlessly (as I suppose)
Still kept the glasses on his nose.

While thus employed, a maid came by,
And did his dwarfish member spy;
But, much offended with the sight,
Cried out, “Your honor’s in the right,
“With spectacles, perhaps, you’ll see,
“What otherwise would hidden be;
“For me, I vow to God, I’d squint,
“If I were put to read such print.”

Note: printed on the page following the title page was the following: “from a collection of poems that have been generally ascribed to Thomas, sixth Earl of Harrington. He was the son of Charles, the fifth Earl, and Margaret Lesslie, Countess of Rothes; and fought on the Royal side at the battle of Shirreffmuir, along with his brother John Lesslie, Earl of Rothes, and his own son, Lord Binning. These poems, according to Pinkerton, were printed about 1730, and have been reprinted in 1753, 1765, 1767, and 1777. He was also the author of Mia treatise on forest trees, which has gone through several editions. He died in 1735.” However, if these dates are correct (and I am by no means an expert historian in such matters), these poems could only have been written by either the first or second Earl of Harrington (William Stanhope and W.S. Jr.).

A Stitching Sampler!

June 17, 2017

Happy Saturday!  Here Stitching Sampleris a unique piece that has more than its share of sentimental value.  This is a needlework stitching sampler that was done by my grandmother (Naomi Peplinski) and just recently gifted to me by my late aunt (Shirley Withbroe) who just happened to love anything strawberry.  A wonderful keepsake that I will treasure forever.


June 12, 2017

Happy Monday!  Hmm, in hindsight I probably should have posted this one yesterday, but alas, it will just have to serve as a beginning of the motivation.  This is a wonderful version of “Hallelujah” by Rhema Marvanne.  Enjoy!

International Holidays for June!

June 1, 2017

Here is an updated list of some selective holidays for June from around the World.

June 2 – National Day (Italy)
June 4 – Whit Sunday (Germany, Netherlands, Sweden)
June 5 – Western Australia Day (Australia)
June 5 – Whit Monday (France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland)
June 5 – June Bank Holiday (Ireland)
June 5 – Queen’s Birthday (New Zealand)
June 6 – Hyun Choong II (South Korea)
June 6 – National Day (Sweden)
June 9 – Kabir Jayanti (India)
June 9 – Community Day (Spain)
June 12 – Queen’s Birthday (Australia)
June 12 – Russia Day (Russia)
June 13 – San Antonio (Spain)
June 14 – Pahaliraja (India)
June 15 – Corpus Christi Day (Brazil, Germany, Spain, Switzerland)
June 15 – Raja Sankranti (India)
June 16 – Youth Day (South Africa)
June 17 – Paso a la Inmortalidad del Gual. de Guemes (Argentina)
June 18 – Father’s Day (Puerto Rico)
June 20 – Paso a la Inmortalidad del Gual. Belgrano (Argentina)
June 21 – National Aboriginal Day (Canada)
June 22 – Shab-i-Qadr (India)
June 23 – Jumat-il-Wida (India)
June 23 – Bank Holiday (Sweden)
June 24 – San Juan (Spain)
June 24 – Midsummer’s Day (Sweden)
June 24 – Saint Jean Baptiste (Canada)
June 25 – Ramazan / Id-ul-Fitr / Kuthba-e-Ramzan (India)
June 25 – Ratha Yathra (India)
June 25 – Hari Raya Puasa (Singapore, Thailand)
June 26 – End of Ramadan Holiday (Singapore)
June 26 – Ramazan / Id-ul-Fitr / Kuthba-e-Ramzan (India)
June 26 – Discovery Day (Canada)
June 27 – Ramazan (India)
June 29 – Saints Peter and Paul (Italy, Switzerland)


Peter and the Wolf!

April 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Sergei Prokofiev (1891)!  Here’s one of his more famous pieces, “Peter and the Wolf” (and one of my favorites as well).  What an entertaining piece to both hold a child’s attention while at the same time teaching about an assortment of orchestral instruments.  Enjoy!

Happy Easter 2017!

April 16, 2017

Hallelujah!  According to Leonard Cohen (songwriter), “Hallelujah is a Hebrew word which means ‘Glory to the Lord.’ The song explains that many kinds of Hallelujahs do exist. I say: All the perfect and broken Hallelujahs have an equal value.   It’s a desire to affirm my faith in life, not in some formal religious way but with enthusiasm, with emotion.”  Here are a few versions (one instrumental, two vocal [one acapella]) — on this Easter Sunday, let’s give “Glory to the Lord!”

A Champion is Crowned!

April 4, 2017

March Madness 2017 is officially over.  Congratulations to the North Carolina Tarheels for defeating the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the championship game last night.  And for the remaining college basketball fans . . . the start of the 2018 season is just a little more than seven months away.

March Madness 2017, Down to Sixteen!

March 20, 2017

The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament has come to a close and the field has been cut to the Sweet Sixteen.  As with the first round of games, there were a couple of surprises (a #1 seed, two #2 seeds, and one #3 seed all lost this round). The biggest surprise?  Villanova (#1 overall seed and the first #1 seed to lose) losing to Wisconsin (#8 seed).  But several close games and several lower seeds moving on.  All in all, a very entertaining weekend of play for college basketball fans.  The Madness continues!

Next up for the Spartans?  No one . . . . until next season!    Go Green!

The upsets in the tournament during the second round this first weekend included:
Villanova (#1) losing to Wisconsin (#8).
Louisville (#2) losing to Michigan (#7).
Duke (#2) losing to South Carolina (#7)
Florida State (#3) losing to Xavier (#11).

The teams remaining (by regional):

East Regional
Baylor (#3)
Florida (#4)
South Carolina (#7)
Wisconsin (#8)

Midwest Regional
Kansas (#1)
Oregon (#3)
Purdue (#4)
Michigan (#7)

South Regional (top four seeds advanced)
North Carolina (#1)
Kentucky (#2)
UCLA (#3)
Butler (#4)

West Regional
Gonzaga (#1)
Arizona (#2)
West Virginia (#4)
Xavier (#11)

March Madness 2017, Down to Thirty-Two!

March 18, 2017

The Spartans win!  The first round of the NCAA Tournament has come to a close and the field has been cut in half.  The first full-day of games had only a couple of surprises and both involved the higher-seeded Big Ten school going down in defeat (Minnesota [#5] and Maryland [#6]).   Day two found only a couple more “upsets” — Dayton (#7) losing to Wichita State and Miami (#8) losing to Michigan State (#9).  Tom Izzo worked his March magic as the Spartans found a way, following a very slugging start, to get the win.

Next up for the Spartans:  a Sunday game in the Tulsa Regional Final where they will face the Jayhawks from Kansas . . . .    Go Green!

The upsets in the tournament this first weekend included:
Minnesota (#5) losing to Middle Tennessee State (#12).
Maryland (#6) losing to Xavier (#11)
SMU (#6) losing to USC (#11)
Dayton (#7) losing to Wichita State (#10)
Miami (#8) losing to Michigan State (#9).

The teams remaining (by regional):

East Regional
Villanova (#1)
Duke (#2)
Baylor (#3)
Florida (#4)
Virginia (#5)
South Carolina (#7)
Wisconsin (#8)
USC (#11)

Midwest Regional
Kansas (#1)
Louisville (#2)
Oregon (#3)
Purdue (#4)
Iowa State (#5)
Michigan (#7)
Michigan State (#9)
Rhode Island (#11)

South Regional
North Carolina (#1)
Kentucky (#2)
UCLA (#3)
Butler (#4)
Cincinnati (#6)
Arkansas (#8)
Wichita State (#10)
Middle Tennessee State (#12)

East Regional
Gonzaga (#1)
Arizona (#2)
Florida State (#3)
West Virginia (#4)
Notre Dame (#5)
St. Mary’s (#7)
Northwestern (#8)
Xavier (#11)


International Holidays for March!

March 2, 2017

Here is an updated list of some selective holidays for March from around the World.

March 1 – Ash Wednesday (Brazil)
March 1 – Sam Il Jul (South Korea)
March 1 – Dia de las Islas Baleares (Spain)
March 1 – Republic Day (Switzerland)
March 6 – Labour Day (Australia)
March 8 – Women’s Day (Russia)
March 12 – Dolapurnima/Doljatra/Holika Dahan/Holi (India)
March 12 – Purim Bank Holiday (Israel)
March 13 – Adelaide Cup Day (Australia [SA])
March 13 – Labour Day (Australia [VIC])
March 13 – Canberra Day (Australia [ACT])
March 13 – Eight Hours Day (Australia [TAS])
March 13 – Holi/Dhuleti (India)
March 13 – Dolapurnima/Doljatra/Holika Dahan/Holi (India)
March 13 – Purim Bank Holiday (Israel)
March 13 – Provincial Anniversary Day (New Zealand)
March 14 – Holi/Dhuleti (India)
March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day (Ireland)
March 19 – St. Joseph’s Day (Switzerland)
March 20 – Vernal Equinox (Japan)
March 20 – Benito Juarez Day (Mexico)
March 20 – Provincial Anniversary Day (New Zealand)
March 20 – St. Joseph’s Day (Spain)
March 21 – Human Rights’ Day (South Africa)
March 22 – Bihar Day (India)
March 22 – Emancipation Day (Puerto Rico)
March 23 – Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Bhagat Singh (India)
March 23 – Death of Sardar Bhagat Singh (India)
March 24 – Truth and Justice Day (Argentina)
March 28 – Gudi Padva/Ugadi/Chetti Chand/21st Navratra (India)
March 29 – Gudi Padva/Ugadi/Chetti Chand/21st Navratra (India)
March 29 – Telugu New Year (India)
March 30 – Sarhul (India)