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Books We Won’t Get To Read!

June 4, 2015

Are you aware of the international project (the Future Library) in Oslo, Norway, that is starting to collect unpublished books that won’t be made available until the year 2114?  The project will have one author contribute a new, unread text to the collection every year for the next 100 years. The idea is that these works would then be kept locked up until 2114, when the 1,000 trees, that have been planted for the project in a forest just outside Oslo, will be harvested to provide the paper for the printing of these books.

The first author to be given this opportunity: Margaret Atwood, the Toronto-based Man Booker prize winner.  On May 26th, she handed over the manuscript in a simple ceremony amongst the newly planted trees.  We don’t know exactly how long this book is (it was delivered in a closed box), but Ms. Atwood did reveal the title: “Scribbler Moon.”

David Stephen Mitchell is slated to be the next contributor in 2016.  David has written six novels (two of which have been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize [number9dream and Cloud Atlas]).