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Very Illuminating!

December 30, 2017


Being a combination art enthusiast/art collector, living in close proximity to art museums as well as being close to a thriving art community or culture has always been important to me.  So, when the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opened in 2011, in Bentonville, Arkansas (just a two-hour drive from Tulsa), I was delighted.  I have visited this museum on numerous occasions and most recently found myself purchasing a small tabletop lamp.  The shade of this lamp is a reproduction of the 1908 painting by Maxfield Parrish etitled “Lantern Bearers” and is currently being displayed at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.   What a joy to be able to bring art (as well as illumination) to a small, but no longer dark, corner of my apartment!


Chihuly “In the Forest!”

August 5, 2017



Ten days ago, I posted my favorite piece from the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.  You still have a little over a week to check out this exhibit “in the gallery.”  But, if you can’t make it over in time for the gallery exhibit, the companion exhibit “In the Forest” continues through November 13th, and is certainly worth a look.  Here was my favorite piece from the forest . . . typcial Chihuly “free-spirited” fashion.

Twisted Glass!

July 27, 2017


Earlier this month I availed myself of the opportunity to make the trip to Bentonville, Arkansas, to visit the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art  . . . and their featured exhibit of the art of Dale Chihuly.  Simply marvelous.  There was an inside exhibit (in the Gallery) as well as an outdoor exhibit (in the Forest).  If you are at all interested, there are still a few weeks left to catch the gallery exhibitSteps (it runs through August 14th); the forest exhibit will continue through November 13th.

Due to the numerous pieces that were “orange,” I’m going to claim a “kindred spirit” connection to Mr. Chihuly!  I just loved the quotation on the outdoor staircase leading to the “in the forest” portion of the exhibit: “glass is the most magical of all materials.”  And, after witnessing the creativity and genius of Dale Chihuly and the representation of his art in glass, I couldn’t agree more.


Necktie of the Month – July 2016!

July 2, 2016

July 2016This month’s necktie was found during a trip to Bentonville, Arkansas a couple of years ago.  The original purpose of this trip was to visit a very close friend from the Eureka Springs area; we decided to meet at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art first for an afternoon of art appreciation (preceded by lunch of course).  Following the museum visit, we spent the remainder of the afternoon visit art galleries and antique shops in Rogers, Arkansas.  We then returned to Bentonville the next day to continue our “shopping” at which point I found this tie in a resale shop at an extremely reduced price (a price one could not afford to pass up).  I particularly liked the combination of hard corners/angles coupled with the freely flowing curliques.  And, the black background along with the beige/tan formations makes this necktie ideal for many of my colored shirts (if they are the right shade) — black, gray, cream, beige/tan, brown, red, pink, raspberry, lavender,sage, teal, blue, or white (I’d have to check, but it may even look okay with my orange shirt [but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one]).  Ah, the versatility of a multi-colored necktie!

A Pretty Fall!

December 9, 2014

IMG_0763Sometimes no matter how careful you are or how well you plan, you find yourself in temptation’s way.  As an avid art collector, this happens to me far more frequently than I would care to admit.  But at the same time, I never beat myself up over the occasional unplanned purchase either.  I love art, period, and it brings me great joy to collect. This particular piece was found  in Bentonville, Arkansas, and I would hazard to guess that I was originally drawn to the piece by the hint of orange (okay, perhaps more than a hint).  The artist: Sandy Hubler, the title: A Pretty Fall, the medium: original oil, the effect: mesmerizing.  It is now hanging in the bedroom of my apartment.

Necktie of the Month – November 2014!

November 4, 2014

IMG_0764With a collection of neckties that now numbers well over one hundred, I am always keeping my eyes peeled for an interesting design and/or color combination.  Last month I took a little weekend getaway to Northwestern Arkansas to visit a friend.  We met at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, on Thursday and then spent the rest of the weekend exploring the restaurants, shops, antique stores, and art galleries in the cities of Rogers and Bentonville.   A good time was had by all.  This month’s necktie was discovered in a second-hand/antique store in downtown Rogers, Arkansas, and was a steal at only $5.  Combined with the four additional neckties that I found at this shop, I ended up spending less money for five neckties than one would normally pay retail for one. What a bargain.  This particular tie goes really well with my gray shirt, my maroon shirt, my pink shirt, my raspberry shirt, my light blue shirt, my dark blue shirt, and of course, my white shirt.

Just a Short Drive Away!

May 27, 2012

There is a new museum in the area that has been open for a little over six months already . . . the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art . . . and I have not yet been by for a visit.  Hmm, with the long holiday weekend, I just may have to take the short road trip tomorrow!  Located in Bentonville, Arkansas (a mere 125 miles away from Tulsa), this museum is the brainchild of Alice Walton (daughter of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton) and was designed by Moshe Safdie.

Some of the quick facts:

  • 217,000 square feet of galleries.
  • Meeting rooms and classroom space.
  • A library.
  • A sculpture garden.
  • A gift shop.
  • A full-service restaurant and coffee bar.
  • A gathering space that will accomodate up to 300 people.
  • Outdoor areas (for concerts and other events).
  • Extensive nature trails.
  • Employs more than 160 individuals.
  • Around $488 million in assets (in August of 2008).
  • Free admission (thanks to Wal-Mart sponsorship).