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August 13, 2019

imagination_largeThis demotivator (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com) provides us with a serious “gut-check.”  And it further begs the question: why is this the case?

IMAGINATION: my reality isn’t getting any better, but my fantasies are improving all the time?

Life sometimes force us into merely existing when we should be chasing our dreams?  Or are we dreaming life away without seriously considering our current reality?  Life is rarely the fairy tale we imagine, but that doesn’t mean we should stop imagining.



July 14, 2019


Happy Sunday!  The summer is about half-way over already and I’ll bet it is time for a vacation (or possibly even a new job) as you start feeling the sentiment reflected in this demotivator (courtesy of www-dot-despair-com).

WORK:  when I was told I had to pull my weight around here, I didn’t realize that included everyone else’s.”

Ugh!   So, hopefully you have plans to “get away” and “recharge your batteries,” so to speak.  Vacations can do wonders for your spirit . . . take a break, get away!



June 16, 2019

education_largeHappy Sunday!  Summer is just around the corner (officially) and with it the end of commencement exercises all across the land.  Here is a demotivator (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com) that pokes a bit of fun at the educational process and obsolescence.

EDUCATION: you can’t put a price on a good education, but you can spend a small fortune to acquire skills that might help you earn a fraction of it back before technology obsolesces your knowledge set.

Congratulations to all of the graduates out there and may you find yourselves in the careers and jobs that are fulfilling.  Of course we don’t quit “learning” just because we graduate from college . . . here’s to lifelong learning!



January 31, 2019

stressHere is the newest demotivator (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com).  Stress is a given in life, the key factor to surviving is in developing an effective method(s) for coping with your stress.  Some of my favorite methods include

  • Exercise (it just feels good to move the body)
  • Music (classical, mostly . . . depends on my mood)
  • Food (but I have to be careful with this one)
  • Movies (nothing like a little escapism from the realities of life from time to time)

What methods work the best for you?

Dream Small!

September 29, 2018

DreamSmall_largeHere is a demotivator (courtesy of (www-dot-despair-dot-com) that helps minimize your dreams by maximizing your possibility of achieving them.  All in good fun.  Of course, bigger dreams, and higher risk also carry with them increased success . . . but there is certainly nothing wrong with starting small and working your way up to bigger things.

Just a thought.


Never Give Up!

August 30, 2018

NeverGiveUp_largeAh, the entertainment value of watching people fail, and then laughing at their expense!  We never seem to tire of this past time and the internet (combined with the fact that everyone has a camera and is ready to film just about anything at moments notice) provides the perfect breeding ground.  Many a video has gone viral to the delight of millions.  So, yes, “never give up,” and keep on, keeping on!


July 31, 2018

Expectations_largeAs this demotivator (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com) points out, it is probably best to temper one’s expectations at one’s workplace early in your career.  Okay,  I’ll admit that I am a bit jaded.  And while this is probably not completely universal (I’m hoping there are still some places/organizations that exist where accepting the very best is still a value), coming from the culture of accepting the lowest bid, to the reality of slashed budgets and “doing more with less” (and not always the best), we are fast becoming a culture of accepting what is “good enough” (or what is affordable) as opposed to what is “the best.”  Alas.  I will continue to remain hopeful by keeping my expectations high, but understanding that these expectations may not always be met.


June 30, 2018

Stubbornness_largeHappy Saturday!  I have known a lot of stubborn people over the years and this demotivator (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com) certainly puts the concept of stubborn-ness, that “dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something” into a whole new perspective for me.  I certainly try to not engage in stubbornness to this level.  I’m more apt to NOT make an issue out of something even when I know it to be wrong, rather than create a scene that, more often than not, is very counterproductive.  I guess this officially makes me “stubborn on the inside.”

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May 31, 2018

Virtue_largeHere is the next demotivator for your viewing pleasure . . . and speaking of virtue, it reminds me of a quotation that my father was fond of repeating: “Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, seldom found in woman, never found in man.”  Attributed to Father Jonathan Morris, a Roman Catholic priest (born in Ohio, as was my father, but now living in New York).


April 30, 2018

Survival_largeAh, the intersecting point between one’s journey and one’s destination.  And contrary to the reality depicted in this demotivator, it doesn’t always have to end badly.  In nature more often than not, it usually does . . . the whole “survival of the fittest” concept.  We all have our challenges in life, and on some days, to “survive” . . . get through the work day . . . get to the weekend . . . get to the next vacation . . . is good enough.  Keep the faith, and let’s try not to get eaten today!