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January 31, 2018

Politics_largeWhen I was growing up, there was a common sentiment in our household that certain issues should not be the topic of discussion in polite conversation — religion and politics (could this be based upon the concept of the separation of church and state?).  Whether or not they rose to the level of actually being “taboo” or not, is not for me to decide.   Obviously, now that we have entered the age of social media, anything goes.  Everyone has a voice, and every voice an audience, regardless.  Interestingly enough, the whole philosophic and jurisprudential concept phrased as “the separation of church and state” does not actually appear in the Constitution.  So, in honor of the many heated discussion we have had on these topics over the years, here is a wonderful “demotivator” (courtesy of that at least puts the “politics” issue into perspective a bit (in a humorous vein).  Enjoy!


You Are Special!

December 31, 2017

YouAreSpecial_largeLast month I posted a demotivator on “Affirmation.”  Well, this month’s demotivator (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com), “You Are Special,” seemed a natural follow-up posting.  And yes, if you are in need of this additional affirmation, and if it is a puppy you require for this affirmation, yes, this is a very adorably cute puppy, all white and fluffy, energetic, and probably very lovable.  But let’s remember the last phrase of the demotivator . . . and leave the puppy at home.   Thanks.


November 30, 2017

Affirmation_largeHere is another wonderful demoti-vator (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com).This seems to be especially relevant in today’s world of the participation trophy generation.  And, to add credence to this phenomenon, Georgetown University celebrated “Millenial Day” back in September.  The director of marketing at Georgetown, Chris Grosse, stated: “We decided we could come up with something that would be clever and funny, kind of honoring millennials, but also poking fun at some of the stereotypes that I think are incorrect.” The headline for an article written about this event read: “Participation trophies abound as Georgetown celebrates ‘Millennial Day’.” Ha!  Too funny!  I must give credit where credit is due . . .  a very catchy idea.


October 30, 2017

Teams_largeHappy Monday!  As we begin a new work week, what better time to reflect on our current “team” climate at our assorted places of employment?  And, what better tool than one of the latest demotivators (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com) on the topic.  Yes, we’ve all been there, those team, or group projects, where not every member pulls their weight or contributes at the same level.  Yet another example of humor that hits a little too close to the truth of how life sometimes operates.


September 30, 2017

Ruthlessness_largeHappy Saturday!  The weekend has arrived so how about a little humor to get things going? Here is the next installment of demotivators (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com).  Wow, how true (or so it would seem from my experience)!  And this concept ties in perfectly with the adage, “it’s not personal, it’s business.”  Obviously if you are not on the “receiving end” of the ruthless behavior, then it probably isn’t personal, but to the one on the receiving end, it is very personal.  It truly makes you wonder if business ethics actually still exist in the world.  Alas, c’est la vie!


July 30, 2017

Micromanagement_largeI don’t know of too many people that enjoy being micromanaged.  But as we prepare to start the new work week, here is a wonderful demotivator (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com) to help put a humorous spin (as well as a bit of perspective) on micromanagement.   Have a great week and I hope you do not find yourself in this situation.


June 29, 2017

MediocrityPenguins_grandeHow often have you found yourself in the situation of saying to yourself that something you are working on is “good enough,” or that it is not worth putting any more effort into?  You could be suffering from a dose of “mediocrity.” Then again, you may also realize that while it is good to strive for excellence, perfection is never truly achieved and “good enough” can sometimes be an excellent compromise rather than being a slave to perfectionistic tendencies.  Regardless, here is a humorous look at mediocrity, courtesy of, that should hopefully bring a smile to your face!  Hang in there, the weekend is nearly upon us.


May 31, 2017

Interns_largeOn this, the last day of the month of May, and, on the heels of the Memorial Day weekend, spring is drawing to a close and summer is getting underway.  This also represents the start of  summer internships for many students.  Here is a humorous demotivator (courtesy of that accurately pokes fun at interns.  Enjoy!


April 30, 2017

Downsizing_largeWhen this newest batch of demotivators (courtesy of www-dot-despair-dot-com) was released last fall, I couldn’t wait to start sharing them. They are simply marvelous!  I have personally never had to face or had to worry about a “downsizing” on the job, so this may not seem quite as funny to those who have, but in the true spirit of poking fun at anything and everything . . . carpe diem!

Dare to Be Different!

March 29, 2017

DareToBeDifferent_largeThey have done it again!  Here is another wonderful demotivator (courtesy of www dot despair dot com).  And, while some of the more obvious and traditional synonyms for non-conformist include:  dissenter, dissident, individualist, and loner, I was able to track down quite a few more that are not quite as traditional: