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Still Life!

September 8, 2014

Here is one of the latest paintings that has been added to my collection.  I acquired the painting last August during my visit to Green Bay, Wisconsin (to see my Aunt Shirley).  I discovered that this particular still life was actually painted by another one of my relatives (a great aunt) many, many years ago (the exact year is unknown).  She was a nun (Sister Valeria) and painted this piece while in the convent.  What a wonderful discovery that was in need of a home . . . I am always glad to oblige when art is involved.

A Volatile Week in Sports!

January 11, 2011

Let’s start with college football: congratulations to the Auburn Tigers for their win over the Oregon Ducks in the BCS National Championship game last night.  What a great game to conclude the college football season. 

College basketball is now in full swing as we continue the journey to March . . . this last week in college basketball had more than its share of upsets (ten games, nine of the wins by unranked opponents).  The highest ranked team to fall was Missouri (#8) who lost to unranked Colorado.  In addition, Connecticutt (#9) lost to Notre Dame (#15) early in the week, but managed to beat #12 Texas in overtime on Saturday; Kentucky (#11) lost to unranked Georgia; Georgetown (#13) lost to unranked West Virginia; Notre Dame (#15) lost to unranked Marquette; Kansas State (#17) lost to unranked Oklahoma State; University of Central Florida (#18) lost to unranked Houston; Michigan State (#19) lost to unranked Penn State; and Vanderbilt (#24) lost to unranked South Carolina. 

So, the Spartans have acquired their fifth loss of the season (their first loss in the Big Ten) . . . things are not looking very good right now (missed free throws, turnovers, sloppy play).  The Spartans have the talent, they just have to start playing up to their potential or it could be a very long and ugly season.  Go Green!

There were even some surprises this weekend during the National Football League playoffs.  Green Bay sent Philadelphia packing, Baltimore wholloped Kansas City, the New York Jets beat Indianapolis on a closing field goal, and Seatlle (with an 8-9 record) upended the defending Super Bowl champs New Orleans.

The only guarantee in sports (college, professional, or any level) is that there is no guarantee.  Any team can defeat any other team on any given day! 

I wonder what surprises will occur this week.