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A Method to His Sculpture?

June 25, 2010

During my recent trip to Alabama, I was reintroduced to the artwork of Bruce Larsen, sculptor extraordinaire!  Whimsical, yet creative and many of his pieces seem to be fashioned out of whatever discarded odds and ends are around at the time of inspiration (although I’m sure that he is much more organized in his method; certainly not haphazard in any way).  This photo shows one of his works (a Heron) outside the front of the Eastern Shore Art Center . . . simply fabulous!   Larsen has also produced several pieces for the American Sport Art Museum & Archives and was named the “Sport Artist of the Year” in 2009.

“Salvaging ancient relics to showcase them in a new and greener light is one of the basic aims of Repo-Renaissance art, or Classical sculpture made from recycled materials.”

“My first ambition before becoming an artist was to be an archeologist. I love to search for ancient relics and display them in a new light.”  (Bruce Larsen)

Fairhope Flora and Fauna!

June 19, 2010

We had the most amazing chance encounter with a pelican as well as a heron recently!  These normally shy creatures do not allow you to get too close very often.  Unless . . . there is a fisherman very nearby throwing them the ocassional catch.   It was a steamy and sultry day . . . the kind of day where your glasses steam up upon hitting the outside air (although I’m convinced this is a constant dilemma all summer long in the sweltering heat of the south).   Even the roses in the park seemed to be wilting from the oppressive conditions.  I was able to find one rose (a yellow one) that still looked fairly fresh and had not yet succumbed to the heat of the day.  Mom, this one’s for you!

 After hitting the local Art Center (yes, I once again did not escape without purchasing a couple of new treasures — to be posted in the not too distant future), we made the trip to the beach where the cool ocean breezes made it easier to forget that it was nearly 100 degrees.  As we walked along the Gulf Shores beach there was no oil to be seen, but plenty of workers with shovels and trash bags ready to scoop it up if (and when?) it comes ashore.