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Tulips, a Sign of Spring!

April 10, 2018

Now that spring has sprung, trees and flowers should all be abloom.  If not, why not “make” a few of your own (origami).  Here is a video that shows you how to create an origami tulip!  Happy folding!


Fidget Your Summer Away!

July 8, 2017

Happy Saturday!  Fidget spinners seem to be the rage right now, so if you are looking for an inexpensive way to acquire one (or more), here’s an origami version that does not require any ball bearings and is quick and easy to make.  Enjoy and happy fidgeting!

Necktie of the Month – April 2017!

April 3, 2017

This month I will not be highlighting a necktie from my personal collection, but rather I’ll be sharing a video I found for an origami version of a shirt and tie using a dollar bill.  Very cool indeed (obviously, the cleaner and crisper the dollar bill, the more stunning the look of this one).  Good luck and happy folding!

Giving Money as a Gift!

March 8, 2017

Yes, when it comes to giving or receiving gifts, money (cash) is rarely a bad option.  The “how” you give then becomes a bit more important.  Obviously the simple insertion of cash into an envelope or card is the quickest and easiest method, but with a little creativity, you can certainly wow or amaze anyone (especially young children) with these creations . . . money origami!  Fold them up, then wrap them up in a box.  Too labor intensive for you?  That’s okay, it was just a thought!  Enjoy!  Check out some more Money Origami videos (courtesy of YouTube).

Floral Arrangement!

January 8, 2017

Happy Sunday!  With the arrival of winter . . . and with it, shorter days, inclement weather, and the possibility of seasonal doldrums, here is an activity that will not only give you something to do, but should help brighten your day as well.  Who doesn’t like getting a bouquet of flowers?

My Therapy.

November 9, 2008

Despite my busy schedule, I always attempt to find time during the week to play my piano (a Young Chang, baby grand, mahogony finish).  The key word here is attempt.  While I used to be able to sit down and just “play” four or five times a week, I now find that I’m luck if I manage one or two times a week.  Perhaps I need to refocus my priorities to make more room in the schedule for this activity.    life_is_like_a_piano1

I truly do try to live my life according to this adage. 


Now, I’m certainly no concert pianist by any stretch of the imagination (nor do I have delusions of ever becoming one), but I would have to say that I’m probably a little bit above average in the talent department considering that I really only had formal piano lessons from age 6 to age 12 before my piano teacher retired. 

It was a fairly easy and painless switch to go from piano to “band” (I started on the Baritone, tried several other instruments, and eventually settled on the Alto Sax), but my heart was always with the piano.   Fortunately, the piano was always available (Mom and Dad did not get rid of the piano until after I had graduated from college)and I dabbled with writing my own songs from time to time.  It was my therapy . . . if there was no other benefit, the piano lessons taught me how to read music.  An exquisite gift — now, whenever I hear a song that I like on the radio, I simply acquire the sheet music and . . . practice, practice, practice. 

So, “Please! Don’t Shoot The Piano Player, He’s Doing The Best He Can.”

All Work and No Play . . . ?

September 21, 2008

Yes, ask anyone who knows me and they will say “Tom really stays busy.”  But no matter how busy I am (or stay), I always manage to find the time to try new things.  And, I’d also like to think that I manage to find the time to “play” and not just fill my extra hours with work (although I must admit that I do take work home with me more often than I probably should).  

My latest “play” activitiy is learning how to play bridge.  I happened into this activity merely on a fluke . . . our church was having a pasta supper on Sunday a few months ago . . . the men’s club had volunteered to cook the pasta . . . we were supposed to stop by the church on Friday evening to pick up our ingredients and the recipe . . . I thought that I had signed up as one of the cooks . . . but lo and behold, upon arriving at the church to pick up my pasta and recipe, I discovered eleven people sitting around playing cards (bridge).    When I explained why I was there, the person coordinating this activity checked her assignment log, and discovered that my name was not on the list.  And, before I could get out the door, I was being asked if I played bridge because they were needing one more player.

Well, I’ve always wanted to learn the game, but had to respond in the negative that I did not really know how (I did let them know that I was willing to learn).   They were just needing a warm body and I was just needing a little coaching/instruction . . . a match made in heaven so to speak.  It has been a bit frustrating (my perfectionistic tendencies sure wish I was learning these things faster than I seem to be), but it is a lot of fun.  I always have enjoyed playing cards and this particular game is no different . . . just a lot more stuff going on (bidding seems to be my biggest challenge right now).  But I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

There is another couple from church that is also really wanting to learn, so we’ve arranged for private lessons from another church member (she’s been playing bridge for over 40 years).  What a hoot!  There’s still a lot to learn and cover, but so far, it has been a lot of fun.  I actually bid and played my first mini-slam today — way cool!

One thing’s for sure in my life . . . never a dull moment (perhaps overwhelmed from time to time, but never bored).

Flickr Reflections (Part 2)

July 17, 2008

All of these photo-sharing sites (Flickr, Fotki, Photbucket, Ovi, Smugmug, Shutterfly, Webshots) certainly provide multiple options for satisfying all of your photographic storage, printing, sharing, and organizing needs.  Just another example of way too many choices confronting the modern day hobbyist. 

But even for a non-photographer-type like myself, I can see the value of this technology for organizing and saving all of your photos (you’ll never have shoeboxes full of unorganized photos again).  No more negatives, no more undeveloped rolls of film sitting around waiting to be processed (if and when you find yourself sufficiently motivated to do so).

I really got the most enjoyment out of exploring all of the different “groups.”   I found myself searching the groups for much longer than I had intended last night.  What a great way to hook up with folks having similar interests.  I did manage to sign up for a couple of groups and will continue to search for more that are compatible with my interests; for now, I just belong to these two:

1.  Librarians who shoot (photos, not guns . . . oh well, I liked the play on words) and,

2.  Neckties (I’m somewhat of a clothes horse and will soon be documenting my collection of neckties on Flickr as well).

Groups to add eventually (after some more exploration): a running group, a police group, a cooking/baking group, a travel group, a reading group, and maybe a piano or music group of some kind.  Ah, the possibilities . . . and in my spare time (what’s that?) . . .