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The Fourth Wonder!

April 12, 2017

Here are the Piano Guys performing at the Fourth Wonder of the World, Petra, Jordan, rocking the Rimsky Korsakov classic “Sheherazade” as well as the Indiana Jones theme song.


Wonder-ful Wednesday Number Nineteen!

April 18, 2012

The Dead Sea, nestled between Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank, has also been known as the “Sea of Salt,” and the “Sea of Death.”  But interestingly enough, it is not a “sea” at all, but rather, a salt lake.  The Dead Sea is the lowest land elevation on Earth (1,388 feet below sea level).  Having a salinity of 33.7% (8.6 times saltier than the ocean), the Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water and the deepest hypersaline lake (1,237 feet deep) in the world.  This lake measure 42 miles long by 11 miles wide and while water from streams and rivers flows in, no water flows out.  Hmm.

For more Dead Sea “facts,” check out this link.