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Forest in Black and White!

March 4, 2018

SmithSome would call it serendipity, others, just being in the right place at the right time.  Such was my luck during the fall of of 2017 when I happened to be taking a stroll through the halls of the College of Liberal Arts faculty offices (the Languages and Literature department).  I was having a discussion with one faculty member only to discover that another faculty member was an accomplished artist who just happened to be in his office at the time.  A conversation ensued as I was admiring the many of his original paintings that he had adorning the walls of his office.  I left his office thinking that he was an artist worth watching and I immediately added him to my “try to collect from” list.   Imagine my surprise to have a visit from this professor several weeks later bearing this painting as a gift (thank you Ben).  Apparently I ooh-ed and aah-ed over his painting just enough that this professor decided to paint me an original painting very similar to the one that I had enjoyed.    What a great way to start 2018!  The artist: Dr. Benjamin Smith; the title: “The Woods”; the medium: original acrylic painting.  And, it has a very small “footprint” in that it is only 4″ wide by 12″ tall (unframed) which will facilitate its entry into my available wall space (even after it is framed, unless I get really wild in how it ultimately gets framed).   Collecting art continues to bring me a tremendous amount of joy!


October 4, 2017

NoticedLast summer I received an invitation to an unusual art show/exhibit — all of the artists were minors and all were “up-and-coming” artists in their own right.  Obviously some paintings were better than others, but what a great idea to get these young artists some exposure in the art community.  When I saw this drawing (pencil/graphite) I liked it immediately and knew that it would be going home with me eventually (the show would run for a couple of more weeks following the reception) and purchased it on the spot.  The title: “Noticed” (yes, it got noticed), the artist: Ava Aleszczyk (age fifteen), the medium: pencil/graphite.  A stunning piece to say the least.


August 31, 2017

UnBirthdaySo, when Emily Webb was the featured artist in the Visitor’s Gallery of the Administrative Services Building on the Broken Arrow campus of Northeastern State University last month, I found myself drawn to a number of her works. Her exhibit was titled: Alice in Wonderland Inspired Art and included a smorgasbord of abstract designs and colors. Emily was even on campus and set up in the gallery space one day for a painting demonstration.  Here is the one that I took home.  Title: UnBirthday, Medium: Acrylic.  And it fit perfectly in one of the few remaining “blank” spots on a bedroom wall.

Christmas Surprise!

July 19, 2016

M_Jones PaintingYes, I know we are in the middle of July (still a full six-months away from the Christmas holiday), but last December, during an open house reception that I was having for my many artist friends, I was gifted this beautiful original painting by one artist (whom I have been collecting an occasional piece from for several years now).  It was totally unexpected, but definitely appreciated.   The artist: Micheal Jones; the title: [the official title is unknown, but I’m calling it] “Pine Trees;” the medium: original oil.  It did not take me too long to get this one framed and hanging.  Yet another wonderful addition to my growing collection.  Thank you Micheal!


June 21, 2016

Westfall-cloudburstHere is the next installment of an art purchase (one of several) that I made at this year’s  Tulsa’s Nature Works Wildlife Art Show and Sale.  This piece, an original oil by Christopher Westfall, is entitled “Cloudburst,” was painted in 2015, and measures 21 x 24 (with the frame).  The NatureWorks show this year was as good as ever with many quality artists including several that have been on my wishlist for quite some time: Matthew Higginbotham, Jerry Ricketson, and Kenny McKenna.   This year I was able to remove Matthew and Jerry from the list.  It was extremely satisfying as a collector to finally acquire a painting from an artist(s) that I have been following and hoping to someday collect.    An unintended consequence of attending any art show/sale, I always find an new artist whose work tugs at my heart.  This year it was Virginia Stroud and I was able to acquire her original acrylic entitled “Pure Strength.”

Pure Strength!

June 7, 2016

Stroud PaintingHere is the next installment of an art purchase (one of several pieces) that I made at this year’s Tulsa’s Nature Works Wildlife Art Show and Sale.  I discovered yet another artist that, for whatever reason, had not yet been on my radar screen (Virginia Stroud) and I completely fell in love with one of her paintings as well (pictured here — bison, of course).  This piece, an original acrylic, is entitled “Pure Strength,” was painted in 2016, and measures 38 x 16 (with the frame). There are several artists at this show every year that I have secretly been wanting to collect and just haven’t taken the plunge: Matthew Higginbotham, Jerry Ricketson, and Kenny McKenna (to name just a few) . . . at least until now.   This year, I was able to acquire a painting by both Higginbotham as well as Ricketson.    It was extremely satisfying as a collector to finally acquire a painting from a couple of artists that I have been following.  And, I was also able to pick up another painting by Christopher Westfall.  All in all, a successful weekend of collecting art.

Autumn at Medicine Park!

May 24, 2016

5375210_origHere is a painting that I acquired last year at an opening reception for a local artist, Micheal Jones, exhibit/show at Dana Jones Art (Art Studio and Gallery) in downtown Broken  Arrow.  I made the fatal mistake of attending this reception (with no intention of purchasing anything) and walked away as the new owner of this exquisite painting.  The artist: Micheal Jones; the title: Autumn at Medicine Part; the medium: oil; the dimensions (framed): 19 x 22; the enjoyment: ongoing.  I recently reconfigured the paintings hanging in my bedroom to accommodate, and more efficiently display, the many new acquisitions over the last year or so.  It is always a unique challenge (similar to a jigsaw puzzle) to effectively utilize the existing free wall space as my collection continues to grow.  I’m not out of space yet . . .

Evening Calm!

May 8, 2016

Evening CalmHere is the next installment of an art purchase (one of several) that I made at this year’s  Tulsa’s NatureWorks Wildlife Art Show and Sale.  I’ve been wanting to collect a painting by Jerry Ricketson for quite some time and was finally able to acquire one.  This piece, an original oil, is entitled “Evening Calm,” was painted in 2015, and measures 25 x 21 (with the frame).  It was extremely satisfying as a collector to finally acquire a painting from an artist that I have been following and hoping to someday collect.  Hopefully, the first of many more.  I was also able to pick up a painting by  Matthew Higginbotham, another painting by Christopher Westfall, as well as a piece by Virginia Stroud.

Morning Shore Study!

April 23, 2016

morning-shore-studyLast October during the “Art in the Square” show at Utica Square, I found (and acquired) this wonderful painting by Joey Frisillo.  Over the years I have managed to collect several of Joey’s paintings (I think I have seven or eight of her paintings now) and found this one too irresistible to let go.  Title: Morning Shore Study, Artist: Joey Frisillo, Medium: original oil.  And, she didn’t even have to travel very far to capture this scene — this is the view from Joey’s studio in Sand Springs — not too shabby at all.

No, It’s Not Broccoli!

March 24, 2016

Duvall- Copper RaintreeYes, when I first saw this painting from across the room, my first impression was “broccoli.” However, upon getting a closer view, it was obviously NOT broccoli, but rather a couple of trees.  This is yet another painting by Duane Duvall that just immediately captivates one’s attention.  The use of the heavy-body acrylics again add some depth and character to this piece and it was love at first sight (hmm, I seem to be saying this a lot).  The artist: Duane Duvall; the title: Copper Raintree; the medium: heavy-body acrylic (and pomegranate juice).