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Sparks of Life!

May 17, 2017

Sparks of LifeHere is a piece that I acquired during a recent exhibit (March) held in the Visitors Center Gallery on the Broken Arrow campus of Northeastern State University.  The title: Sparks of Life; the artist: Duane Duvall; the medium: heavy acrylic; the genre: abstract.  I now have several pieces by Duane and am officially a member of the “family of collectors.”  I couldn’t be happier with my latest acquisitions (just a hint of my favorite color [orange] lol).

The Rooster!

April 17, 2017

roosterHere is on of my most recent acquisitions that I purchased “sight unseen.”    Charles Murphy once again offered his spring “painting potluck” where collectors were able to acquire original works of art for a ridiculously inexpensive price (and naturally, I ordered more than one).  The way it works: you send in your money and the artist picks out an original watercolor from his inventory and mails it back to you.  Kind of like a blind date, only with a purchased work of art.  The original painting (watercolor) is always valued at much more than the price you pay.  I’ve been collecting works by Charles for several years now and I have yet to be disappointed by my potluck purchases.  Thank you Charles!

Somewhere Over the Emerald City!

July 5, 2016

ZentangleNewThe world is full of talented artists.  Any (and every) where I travel I can usually find an artist or artwork that tugs at my heart to the point that I ask two simple questions: “Is this available for purchase?” And “How much are you asking?”  As an art collector, I already personally know my fair share of talented artists, including my cousin, Susan Olsen  (I’ve been privileged enough to collect a few of her fabulous works already).  Here we have a wonderful colorized Zentangle  creation by Sue entitled “Somewhere Over the Emerald City” that I acquired last spring.  It is a watercolor, measuring approx. 11″x 13,” done on Cold Press watercolor paper, using Grumbacher watercolors, Bic Markers, Micron Pen, graphite and white Uniball pen.  I live nearly 1,000 miles (or more) from Sue, but thanks to the internet, and Sue’s blog, seeing her latest masterpiece is really quite easy . . . then a quick IM of the two questions . . . and the rest is history!  Thanks Sue, keep up the good work!

Pure Strength!

June 7, 2016

Stroud PaintingHere is the next installment of an art purchase (one of several pieces) that I made at this year’s Tulsa’s Nature Works Wildlife Art Show and Sale.  I discovered yet another artist that, for whatever reason, had not yet been on my radar screen (Virginia Stroud) and I completely fell in love with one of her paintings as well (pictured here — bison, of course).  This piece, an original acrylic, is entitled “Pure Strength,” was painted in 2016, and measures 38 x 16 (with the frame). There are several artists at this show every year that I have secretly been wanting to collect and just haven’t taken the plunge: Matthew Higginbotham, Jerry Ricketson, and Kenny McKenna (to name just a few) . . . at least until now.   This year, I was able to acquire a painting by both Higginbotham as well as Ricketson.    It was extremely satisfying as a collector to finally acquire a painting from a couple of artists that I have been following.  And, I was also able to pick up another painting by Christopher Westfall.  All in all, a successful weekend of collecting art.

No, It’s Not Broccoli!

March 24, 2016

Duvall- Copper RaintreeYes, when I first saw this painting from across the room, my first impression was “broccoli.” However, upon getting a closer view, it was obviously NOT broccoli, but rather a couple of trees.  This is yet another painting by Duane Duvall that just immediately captivates one’s attention.  The use of the heavy-body acrylics again add some depth and character to this piece and it was love at first sight (hmm, I seem to be saying this a lot).  The artist: Duane Duvall; the title: Copper Raintree; the medium: heavy-body acrylic (and pomegranate juice).

A Truly Awesome View!

September 21, 2015

Boskydel_FieldofDreamsMy appreciation for the beauty of northern lower Michigan is renewed on an annual basis during my brief vacations back to the area to visit family and friends.    Various local artists have become quite adept at capturing this beauty on their canvases.  During my trip last summer, I was made aware of one artist in particular, Carolyn Damstra, who had painted the westward looking view from the parking lot of our family business (Boskydel Vineyards and Winery).  Simply breathtaking and a very accurate representation of the view.  You have part of the vineyard in the foreground, the chestnut trees just beyond the vineyard, our barn to the right, and a glimpse of Lake Leelanau. The artist: Carolyn Damstra, the medium: acrylic, the title: “Boskydel Vineyard’s Field of Dreams,” the enjoyment: I reminisce on a daily basis.

Iconic Painting With a Little Lagniappe!

March 10, 2015




Last month I posted a vocabulary word (lagniappe) and referenced a recent art purchase.  In hindsight, I probably should have posted a picture of the painting at that time.  But alas, I had posted an art collection acquisition just a few days before and thought it best to wait for a later date.  So, thank you for your patience, here is the painting (along with a picture of the lagniappe [bonus gift]).IMG_0794  The artist: Caroline Allbee, the title: Magnificat, the medium: acrylic [and mixed media — metal and stone] on wood.   When looking for a place to display this tall, narrow piece, I was needing a space to stand it up (since the Magnificat was printed [in Latin] on the back, hanging it on the wall was not an option).   So this is now standing on my bar counter and leaning up against the wall.  It may be difficult to read the Latin text from the back of the painting, so here you go . . .

Magníficat ánima mea Dóminum.

Et exultávit spíritus meus: in Deo salutári meo.

Quia respéxit humilitátem ancíllae suae:
Ecce enim ex hoc beátam me dicent omnes generatiónes.

Quia fécit mihi mágna qui pótens est: et sánctum nómen eius.

Et misericórdia eius in progénies et progénies timéntibus eum.

Fécit poténtiam in bráchio suo: dispérsit supérbos mente cordis sui.

Depósuit poténtes de sede: et exaltávit húmiles.

Esuriéntes implévit bonis: et dívites dimísit inánes.

Suscépit Ísrael púerum suum: recordátus misericórdiae suae.

Sicut locútus est ad patres nostros: Ábraham, et sémini eius in saecula.

Glória Patri, et Fílio, et Spirítui Sancto,

Sicut erat in princípio, et nunc, et semper, et in sæcula sæculórum. Amen.

The Locked Door!

February 10, 2015

IMG_0744A couple of months ago, my institution hosted an art exhibit featuring the computer-generated art of Richard Coones.  Yes, I found a piece that I just couldn’t live without.  The artist: Richard Coones; the title: The Locked Door; the medium: computer-generated painting

Coones retired in 2001 after a 36-year career teaching art for the Northeastern State University Art Department in Tahlequah. But in the years since he retired from teaching, Coones has stayed busy as a working artist and maintained a relationship with NSU, including the generous sharing of his artwork.  Several substantial pieces have already been donated to the NSU Broken Arrow campus to help cultivate an increased appreciation for the arts, and I, for one, am truly grateful.


A Pretty Fall!

December 9, 2014

IMG_0763Sometimes no matter how careful you are or how well you plan, you find yourself in temptation’s way.  As an avid art collector, this happens to me far more frequently than I would care to admit.  But at the same time, I never beat myself up over the occasional unplanned purchase either.  I love art, period, and it brings me great joy to collect. This particular piece was found  in Bentonville, Arkansas, and I would hazard to guess that I was originally drawn to the piece by the hint of orange (okay, perhaps more than a hint).  The artist: Sandy Hubler, the title: A Pretty Fall, the medium: original oil, the effect: mesmerizing.  It is now hanging in the bedroom of my apartment.

Still Life!

September 8, 2014

Here is one of the latest paintings that has been added to my collection.  I acquired the painting last August during my visit to Green Bay, Wisconsin (to see my Aunt Shirley).  I discovered that this particular still life was actually painted by another one of my relatives (a great aunt) many, many years ago (the exact year is unknown).  She was a nun (Sister Valeria) and painted this piece while in the convent.  What a wonderful discovery that was in need of a home . . . I am always glad to oblige when art is involved.