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Never a Dull Moment!

December 19, 2010

I think it is just the nature of college sports that on any given day, any team can defeat any other team. Rankings don’t always mean anything; you’ve still got to execute.  This means you’ve got to hit your shots (including free throws), you’ve got to minimize your mistakes (turnovers, fouls, etc.), and you’ve got to prevent the other team from scoring.

Michigan State managed to win easily today (Prairie View A&M) even without their head coach, Tom Izzo, who was serving a one game suspension for some sort of secondary NCAA rule violation (read the story here).  The Spartans last pre-season test will come this Wednesday against the #25 ranked Texas Longhorns (even though I really like the color orange, this is one of those “Go Green” moments) — then it is on to the Big Ten Conference schedule which will be no cake walk.

Some of the notable “upsets” this week (so far) include #6 Kansas State (lost to #24 Florida), #9 Baylor (lost to unranked Gonzaga), #14 Illinois (lost to unranked University of Illinois, Chicago), and #18 BYU (lost to unranked UCLA).  There were a couple of close calls as well as #3 Kansas barely escapes against Southern Cal and #25 Texas survives against North Carolina.

And So It Begins . . . !

November 16, 2010

The college basketball season, that is.   Today marks the start of the “Tip-off Marathon” (22 conferences, 16 ranked teams, 17 states, 21 games).  And, while several teams have already begun their pre-conference schedules, many more begin today as we once again begin the Road to the Final Four!  The pre-season polls favor Duke (of course), but Michigan State is right behind them at #2 followed by Kansas State, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh (to round out the top five).  The Spartans have won their first game of the season (they defeated the Eastern Michigan University Eagles last Friday [by 30 points]) and play their second game tonight as they take on the South Carolina Gamecocks.  But, we face a brutal non-conference schedule in December when we face Duke (#1), Syracuse (#11), and Texas (#22) before heading into the always challenging Big Ten schedule.  Other pre-season rankings in the Big Ten include Ohio State [#5], Purdue [#9], Illinois [#16], and Wisconsin [#25].  So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for yet another exhilerating season of college basketball. 

Hopefully the Spartans will stay healthy and play to their potential for the entire season.  Go Green!

From Sweet to Elite!

March 27, 2010

This time of year, you just never know how long the winning is going to last.  For the Michigan State Spartans (#5 seed), they have lived to play another day by defeating Northern Iowa (#9 seed) for a spot in the Elite Eight.  Next up, the University of Tennessee Volunteers (#6 seed) on Sunday!  Go Green!

The rest of the Elite Eight includes:

Baylor University (#3)
Butler University (#5)
Duke University (#1)
Kansas State University (#2)
University of Kentucky (#1)
University of West Virginia (#2)

Who will make it to the Final Four?  Time will tell.

Another Weekend of Surprises!

January 25, 2010

As we continue the march to March, so continues the madness . . . once again we’ve experienced another weekend that witnessed a handful of upsets (or close calls) among the college basketball ranked teams.

Let’s start with Texas (#1) who lost to Connecticutt (#22).  Then there was Michigan State (#7) who barely squeeked by Minnesota (NR) [Go Green!], Tennessee (#8) losing to Georgia (NR), Kansas State (#9) losing to Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh (#11) losing to Seton Hall (NR), and Georgia Tech (#18) losing to Florida State (NR).

Despite the turmoil that this causes alums and fans, this is what makes college basketball so wonderful.

Interesting Development . . .

March 26, 2009

As the Madness continues . . . in today’s action, both #1 seeds won (UConn and Pittsburgh — both from the Big East Conference) and both #3 seeds won (Missouri and Villinova — one from the Big Twelve Conference and yet another from the Big East Conference).  Both #2 seeds lost today (Duke and Memphis).  Hopefully this trend will not carry over into tomorrow evening’s games (the #2 Spartans are in action against the #3 Kansas Jayhawks). 

Time will tell.  Keep the faith and Go Green!

And with Louisville (a #1 seed) and Syracuse (a #3 seed) yet to play . . . there’s a possibility that up to five of the final Elite Eight teams could be from the powerhouse Big East conference . . . hold on to your seats folks, this is getting interesting indeed.

The Field is Complete, and the Field is Sweet!

March 22, 2009
Good Luck Spartans!  Go Green!

Good Luck Spartans! Go Green!

Okay, the last eight teams have made it to the Sweet Sixteen!  The field is complete!  Congratulations to: Louisville, Syracuse, Xavier, Kansas, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Missouri, and yes, MICHIGAN STATE!  Go Green!  Many close games today (nail biters to say the least).  Most of the top seeds made it through to this point . . . the only exception today, Arizona (originally a #12 seed) — Cindarella is still dancing!

With all of these top seeds making it through to the Sweet Sixteen, should set up some excellent games next week.

Up next for the Spartans . . . the Kansas Jayhawks (whom the Spartans  defeated back in early January) . . . stay tuned, the madness continues.