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Muy Caliente!

June 21, 2017

800px-Barrel_cactus_with_a_viewWelcome to Phoenix!  I arrived last Thursday (to attend the Annual Conference of the Special Libraries Association) and Thursday has been the “coldest” day of the week thus far at 109 degrees fahrenheit.  It has been gradually getting warmer each day throughout the week peaking around 118 degrees on Monday and the temps will remain in the one hundred and teens range through the end of the week.  What a fitting start to the official first day of summer (which was actually at 11:24 PM last night, the 20th)  The good news: less than 10% humidity each day and no precipitation.  Positively glorious.  Hot, but glorious!


Ladies Lose As Well!

March 23, 2011

The season has ended for the Michigan State Women’s basketball team as well.  The Lady Spartans (#4 seed) were unable to get past the University of Wisconsin Green Bay (#5 seed) in their bid to reach the Sweet Sixteen.  The Spartans never led in the game due in part to excessive turnovers by the Spartans coupled with exceptional outside shooting on the part of Green Bay.  Congratulations to UW-Green Bay!