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Fun Fact Friday, Number Fifty-Eight!

January 12, 2018

Today’s real facts (courtesy of are all about potatoes.  Did you know that . . .

  • potatoes have more chromosomes than humans? (Real Fact #734)
  • the first TV toy commercial aired in 1946 for Mr. Potato Head? (Real Fact #903)
  • the potato became the first vegetable grown in space? (Real Fact #1283)



Fun Fact Friday, Number Fifty-Six!

December 29, 2017

Thank goodness for the might cacao bean!  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the cacao bean is the “seed of a tree native to tropical America, Theobroma cacao (family Sterculiaceae), from which cocoa and chocolate are prepared.”  Did you know that . . .

  • the original recipe for chocolate contained chili powder instead of sugar? (Real Fact #259).
  • vanilla is used to make chocolate? (Real Fact #842).
  • National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is in six days [January 3rd]?  (Real Fact #1298).
  • chocolate bars and blue denim both originated in Guatemala? (Real Fact #1310).


Fun Fact Friday, Number Forty!

September 8, 2017

Today’s real facts (courtesy of are all about kangaroos.  Did you know that . . .

  • a kangaroo can jump thirty (30) feet? (Real Fact #93)
  • a male kangaroo is called a boomer?  (Real Fact #185)
  • a female kangaroo is called a flyer? (Real Fact #186)
  • a kangaroo cannot walk backward? (Real Fact #425)
  • a red kangaroo can hop up to 44 miles per hour? (Real Fact #1253)


Fun Fact Friday, Number Thirty-Eight!

August 25, 2017

Today’s real facts (courtesy of are all about elephants.  Did you know that . . .

  • an elephant is capable of swimming 20 miles per day? (Real Fact #45)
  • an elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump? (Real Fact #46)
  • most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale?  (Real Fact #768)
  • George Washington had false teeth made from many different materials, including an elephant tusk and hippopotamus ivory? (Real Fact #1143)
  • elephants are afraid of bees? (Real Fact #1226)
  • an African elephant can turn the pages of a book with its trunk? (Real Fact #1318)
  • elephants can smell water up to three miles away? (Real Fact #1340)
  • a neuron star is as dense as stuffing 50 million elephants into a thimble? (Real Fact #1368)


Fun Fact Friday, Number Thirty-Six!

August 11, 2017

Today’s real facts (courtesy of are all about smell.  Did you know that . . .

  • an ant’s sense of smell is stronger than a dog’s? (Real Fact #39)
  • the average smell weighs 760 nanograms? (Real Fact #54)
  • smelling apples and/or bananas can help you lose weight?  (Real Fact #109)
  • bloodhounds can track a man by smell for up to 100 miles? (Real Fact #435)
  • polar bears can smell a seal from up to 20 miles away? (Real Fact #744)
  • dolphins are unable to smell? (Real Fact #970)
  • Chicago is named after smelly garlic that once grew in the area? (Real Fact #990)
  • elepohants can smell water up to 3 miles away? (Real Fact #1390)


Fun Fact Friday, Number Thirty-Four!

July 28, 2017

Today’s real facts (courtesy of are all about porcupines.  Did you know that . . .

  • all porcupines float in water? (Real Fact #15)
  • porcupines each have 30,000 quills? (Real Fact #220)
  • a group of porcupines is called a prickle? (Real Fact #1000)


Fun Fact Friday, Number Thirty-Two!

July 14, 2017

They say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” . . . but were you aware that . . .

  • smelling apples (and/or bananas) can help you lose weight? (Real Fact #109)
  • each year the average American eats about fifteen pounds of apples? (Real Fact #273)
  • apples are a member of the rose family? (Real Fact #422)
  • fresh apples float because about 25% of their volume is air?  (Real Fact #720)
  • in ancient Greece, throwing an apple to a woman was considered a marriage proposal? (Real Fact #816)


Fun Fact Friday, Number Thirty!

June 30, 2017

Today’s real facts (courtesy of are all about alligators.  Did you know that . . .

  • an alligator can go through 3,000 teeth in a lifetime? (Real Fact #754)
  • Herbert Hoover’s son had two pet alligators that were occasionally allowed to run loose throughout the White House? (Real Fact #1158)
  • President John Quincy Adams’ pet alligator lived in a White House bathroom?  (Real Fact #1211)
  • The Florida Everglades is the only place in the world where both alligators and crocodiles live together? (Real Fact #1390)


Fun Fact Friday, Number Twenty-Eight!

June 16, 2017

Today’s real facts (courtesy of are all about mangoes.  Did you know that . . .

  • mangoes are the most-consumed fruit in the world? (Real Fact #717)
  • mangoes have noses? (Real Fact #1415)
  • mangoes can get sunburned?  (Real Fact #1416)

And were you aware that . . .

  • the paisley pattern, which originated in India, is based on the shape of a mango?
  • mangoes are related to cashews and pistachios?
  • a mango tree can grow as tall as 100 feet?


Fun Fact Friday, Number Twenty-Six!

June 2, 2017

Allow me to be a bit “catty” today as my facts will center around cats.  Did you know that…

  • cats have over 100 vocal chords? (Real Fact #13)
  • cats can hear ultrasound? (Real Fact #48)
  • Napoleon suffered from a fear of cats? (Real Fact #303)
  • a group of cats is called a clowder? (Real Fact #450)
  • a cat can make about 100 different sounds? (Real Fact #685 — dogs can only make about 10 sounds)
  • cats have two sets of vocal chords?  One for purring and one for meowing. (Real Fact #777)
  • more Presidents have had pet birds than cats? (Real Fact #1215)