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All the Way From France!

August 7, 2017

RenePaintingHappy Monday!  The check is in the mail.  Well, I believe this is a first! I purchased a painting last week (from the comfort of my apartment) that just happened to be in an exhibit in France!  It was an exhibit of the extraordinarily talented American artist René Shoemaker (of Athens, Georgia [and a personal friend of mine to boot]) entitled: “Memory & Place: Exhibition of Paintings on Silk” at La Mairie de Felletin which opened on June 21st and runs until August 18th.  “This one is titled: “The Table at the Grand Café, Felletin,” and is positively beautiful.  The simplicity and design of the table, coupled with the rich and luscious colors was love at first viewing.  René’s French is much better than mine, but to use the local language . . . merci beaucoup, mon ami!  Continuer le bon travail, et continuez à peindre!


Necktie of the Month – April 2015!

April 2, 2015

ReneThis month I will be highlighting one of my hand painted silk neckties.  This particular tie was a gift from a very good friend of mine who just so happens to be an artist as well.  So please indulge me and allow me to give a shout out to René Shoemaker, painter on silk extraordinaire!  Rene is a really  talented artist whose main medium is silk and her focus has a definite architectural bend.  This necktie goes really well with my gray shirt, but looks just as fine with my white shirt, my sage green shirt, and my black shirt.  I first met René several years ago at an Annual Conference of the Special Libraries Association.  She was a solo librarian at an architectural library within the University of Georgia who has since retired and is now pursuing her art on a more full-time basis.  Now that she is no longer attending conferences, I am able to keep up with and follow her art via her blog, Coffee Cup Press.  One of these days I will just have to take a trip back to Georgia to visit.  Keep up the good work René!  Happy painting!

Painting on Silk!

October 9, 2012

Most of the artwork that I collect on silk is in the form of a necktie.  However, I recently acquired a new silk painting that is brilliant in its simplicity.  The artist, Rene Shoemaker, is a personal friend of mine and she described this piece as: “. . . a quiet design using only three colors to express the quietness of walking alone on the beach, taking in the the smell of the ocean and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face.”

I ran across a picture of this painting when I was perusing Rene’s blog and knew immediately that it would be a piece that I would covet for my collection.  It was part of an art exhibit (and sale, of course): “Spirit of the Land: Small Scale Images of the Georgia Landscape” being held at the State Botanical Gardens at the University of Georgia, in Athens, Georgia, back in August.  So I immediately picked up the phone, called the contact number, and had a check in the mail before the end of the day.  See how easy this is?  The exhibit closed on September 9th and the painting arrived the following week.  What joy!

Due to the smaller size of this one (10″ x 10″) I was able to find room for it a vacant space (and trust me, there aren’t too many of these) in my apartment.  On a side note, I also have two handpainted silk neckties courtesy of Rene, thank you very much.  So far, I’ve only highlighted one of them as my “Necktie of the Month,” but I’ll get the other one featured eventually.

Necktie of the Month – April 2009!

April 3, 2009
a Rene Shoemaker Original

Here’s an original work of art that doubles as a necktie!  This handpainted necktie was a gift from Rene Shoemaker, a colleague of mine from the Solo Librarians Division of the Special Libraries Association.  In this necktie, Rene captures not only my favorite color (orange), but my love for music as well.

Rene is the librarian at the University of Georgia, College of Environment and Design (in Athens, Georgia).  She offices in Caldwell Hall and for the month of April she is exhibiting her artistic creativity at the Circle Gallery (within Caldwell Hall on the University of Georgia campus).
The title of the exhibit: “Orr 2: Interpreting the Legacy: an artistic interpretation of Fred J. Orr’s architecture.”  “Rene’s art is a technique that marries fiber art with fine art.  Using silk as her canvass, dye is applied with a brush directly to the silk.”  The end result . . . beautiful!  Thank you Rene and best wishes for a great exhibit!