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2016 NCAA Champions!

April 5, 2016

Congratulations to the Villanova Wildcats who were crowned the college basketball champs following their closing seconds victory over the Tar Heels of North Carolina last night!  What a great tournament this year with some memorable games.

The Plot Thickens!

October 24, 2010

There was a lot of great college football yesterday.  And, for the third straight week, the #1 ranked college football team has been upset.  Two weeks ago, Alabama lost to South Carolina; last week, Ohio State lost to Wisconsin; this week, Oklahoma lost to Missouri; next week . . . who knows?

The Michigan State Spartans continued their winning ways and remained undefeated in a thrilling (okay, it was really nerve-wracking) come-from-behind victory over Northwestern on the road.   And, thanks to the help of Wisconsin and Ohio State (who defeated Iowa and Purdue respectively), Michigan State sits alone atop the Big Ten (for now) with a major log-jam for second place.  Next up: the Spartans travel to Iowa to take on the Hawkeyes — a huge road game for the Spartans!  And, having just lost to the Badgers at home, you know the Hawkeyes will be ready to take on the Spartans and play the spoiler in their bid to topple a top-ten team. 

Go Green! 

The list of undefeated teams has now shrunk to just seven . . . in addition to Michigan State, the list includes: Oregon, Boise State, Auburn, TCU, Utah, and Missouri.

Voluminous Collections!

July 12, 2010

The American Library Association (ALA) has produced a series of library fact sheets on a variety of topics. And, how can you resist a ranking of the nation’s largest libraries (categorized by the number of volumes held)? It was no surprise that the Library of Congress was #1. Nor was it surprising that Harvard, Yale, and Columbia were all within the top ten.   But a couple of public libraries were able to crack into the top ten as well (Boston Public [#3], and the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County [#9]).

So where does your library stand?  Both of my alma maters were in the top 40 (Michigan State University [at #37, Go Green!] and the University of Oklahoma [at #35]).   And, an even more impressive statistic (in my humble opinion) is that all but one of the Big Ten schools fall within the top 40!

5 University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
10 University of Michigan
11 Indiana University
16 University of Wisconsin – Madison
21 University of Minnesota
24 Ohio State University
34 Pennsylvania State University
37 Michigan State University
38 University of Iowa
40 Northwestern University

The only Big Ten school to not make the top 100 . . . Purdue University!

Trouble on the Road!

February 7, 2010

The Michigan State Spartans are struggling a bit on the road — they have lost two straight (to Wisconsin on Tuesday and to Illinois yesterday — too many turnovers and allowing too many open shots).  And, having Kalin Lucas on the bench (sprained ankle) certainly did not help the cause.   Up next, Purdue at home on Tuesday.  Hopefully we can put an end to this losing skid on Tuesday!  Our lead over the Big Ten Conference is shrinking . . . down to only one game (four teams are vying for second place: Illinois, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Ohio State).  Of these teams vying for second place, Michigan State still has to play Purdue (twice) and Ohio State (once, at home).  Then after surviving the Big Ten regular season, who knows who we will have to face again in the Big Ten Tournament . . . hang on, we could be in for a wild finish!

It was a crazy week . . . other ranked teams to fall included Georgetown (#8) who lost on Wednesday to South Florida (NR) then turns around to defeat Villanova (#2) on Saturday, Texas (#10) fell to Oklahoma (NR), BYU (#12) falls to UNLV (NR), Richmond (NR) defeats Temple (#17), Georgia (NR) beats Vanderbilt (#20), and Texas A&M defeats Baylor (#24).

Stay tuned . . . there are a lot of games left before March.

Go Green!

And Now For The Women!

November 4, 2009

127The Women’s College Basketball preseason poll has been published and the Michigan State Spartans have also found themselves in the top ten of this list!  

At the top of the list, the University of Connecticut followed by Stanford (#2), Ohio State (#3), Baylor (#4), and North Carolina (#5).  

Rounding out the top ten are Duke (#6), Notre Dame (#7), Oklahoma (#8), Tennessee (#9), and Michigan State (#10). 

Let the fun begin!  Go Green!

It Has Officially Begun!

September 5, 2009

College football, that is.  And, there has already been some very interesting developments!  Ohio State escapes a Navy scare, the University of Oklahoma goes down to defeat (after losing QB Sam Bradford just before the end of the first half), and, the Michigan State University Spartans begin their season with a 44-3 win over Montana State University!  Go Green. 

All in all, a great day for the Big Ten Conference (10-1) — the only loss, Illinois fell victim to Missouri.  The Michigan Wolverines even managed to win against Western Michigan (and looked pretty good in doing so . . . next up for the Wolverines: Notre Dame . . . it should be interesting).

The only question that really remains . . . are you ready for some football?

Congrats! And, Go Green!

April 4, 2009

Congratulations to the Penn State Nittany Lions on their NIT Championship!  Way to go Big Ten Conference!  And, good luck to my Michigan State Spartans who take on the University of Connecticut Huskies shortly in their NCAA Final Four semi-final game. 

As luck would have it, I will not be able to watch this game . . . I’ll be listening on the radio though . . . I’m going to be enroute to Norman, Oklahoma, home of the University of Oklahoma for the Beta Phi Mu Banquet (the International Library Science Honor Society).  Just bad timing.  Oh well, Go Green nonetheless!

Spartans Prevail!

March 27, 2009

Go Green!  All of the top seeds (#1s and #2s) won today and the Elite Eight are now set.  Added to the group are: Louisville, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Michigan State.  The irony: I was unable to actually watch the game.  It sounded like a great game (but I would have been pulling my hair out — the Spartans trailed for most of the game).

Final count: all four number one seeds, two number two seeds, and two number three seeds.  No Cinderellas remain.  Four teams from the Big East, two from the Big Twelve, and one each from the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big Ten.

What a great way to start the weekend.  By the end of this weekend, we will have the Final Four!   Next up for Michigan State: the Louisville Cardinals.

Sweet Sixteen, Round One!

March 21, 2009

Okay, the first half of the Sweet Sixteen are set.  And, all but one were top seeds.  Purdue was the only underdog (#5 seed) to beat a higher seeded opponent (Washington, #4 seed).

Congratulations to the first eight of the Sweet Sixteen: UConn, North Carolina, Memphis, Oklahoma, Duke, Villanova, Gonzaga, and Purdue.  We’ll see how well the next half play tomorrow.  Go Green!

And This Fan Goes Wild!

March 20, 2009

block_s2Go Green! And, congratulations on your first-round victory against Robert Morris. Of the seven Big Ten teams to start the tournament, only 4 have advanced to the next round (Michigan, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Michigan State). My only disappointment . . . not being able to actually watch the game (the MSU game was not one of the games being broadcast in our area) — of course, the Spartans started pulling away just before the end of the first half and never looked back in the second half. Poor Ohio State loses in double-overtime.

The biggest surprise in the Big Ten . . . Illinois’ (#5 seed) loss to Western Kentucky yesterday. The biggest upset today . . . Wake Forest’s (#4 seed) loss to Cleveland State, Dayton (#11 seed) upset West Virginia (#6 seed), and Wisconsin (#12 seed) defeating Florida State (#5 seed). Several #10 seeds have upset the #7 seeds . . . I love this game!

The Big Twelve Conference has also had a good showing thus far (both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have advanced). . . so many games, so little time.

We are now down to 32 teams; by Sunday evening, the Sweet Sixteen.