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Still Life!

September 8, 2014

Here is one of the latest paintings that has been added to my collection.  I acquired the painting last August during my visit to Green Bay, Wisconsin (to see my Aunt Shirley).  I discovered that this particular still life was actually painted by another one of my relatives (a great aunt) many, many years ago (the exact year is unknown).  She was a nun (Sister Valeria) and painted this piece while in the convent.  What a wonderful discovery that was in need of a home . . . I am always glad to oblige when art is involved.


New Artist, New Method!

August 11, 2014

On a recent trip to Door County (Wisconsin), I discovered a new art gallery, the Linden Gallery (new to me . . . they have been in business over 18 years).  During the course of my browsing, I also discovered several lacquer paintings by a Vietnamese artist (Pham Huong) . . . one of these paintings has now found its way into my continually growing collection — a triptych of water buffalo.

Cheesecake of the Month – January 2013!

January 15, 2013

While I have numerous cook books that are specific to cheesecakes, I am always searching for new recipes.  In this quest, I generally scour the internet for ones that sound unique and interesting.  My favorite sites to search include: Taste of Home, Moms Who Think,, and Simply Recipes. (And there are many more.) Now that we are in the heart of winter, here is a cheesecake, courtesy of Sue Gronholz (Beaver Dam, Wisconsin) and Taste of Home magazine that sounds like a good match for the winter season.  I can’t wait to try this one.  Enjoy!

Layered Mocha Cheesecake