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Necktie of the Month – February 2018!

February 1, 2018

FLW_NecktieHere is a necktie that I remember purchasing several years ago during a visit to the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.  I was originally drawn to this tie by the colors and pattern (not realizing that the pattern represented a desk and a chair).  It was only later that I discovered  it was from the Frank Lloyd Wright collection.  The title of the necktie: “Workstation,” and it represents a desk and a chair (repeating pattern) from the S.C. Johnson Administration Building (design circa 1936).    The look of workstations certainly has changed significantly since the 1930s and include much more than a simple desk and chair.  Wright designed the Johnson Wax Administration Building (headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin) which was constructed between 1936 and 1939.  Due to the color scheme of rich earth tones, this necktie will obviously pair best with my beige/tan, brown, and olive dress shirts.  It will also go well with my black and my plain white dress shirts.

Still Life!

September 8, 2014

Here is one of the latest paintings that has been added to my collection.  I acquired the painting last August during my visit to Green Bay, Wisconsin (to see my Aunt Shirley).  I discovered that this particular still life was actually painted by another one of my relatives (a great aunt) many, many years ago (the exact year is unknown).  She was a nun (Sister Valeria) and painted this piece while in the convent.  What a wonderful discovery that was in need of a home . . . I am always glad to oblige when art is involved.

New Artist, New Method!

August 11, 2014

On a recent trip to Door County (Wisconsin), I discovered a new art gallery, the Linden Gallery (new to me . . . they have been in business over 18 years).  During the course of my browsing, I also discovered several lacquer paintings by a Vietnamese artist (Pham Huong) . . . one of these paintings has now found its way into my continually growing collection — a triptych of water buffalo.

Cheesecake of the Month – January 2013!

January 15, 2013

While I have numerous cook books that are specific to cheesecakes, I am always searching for new recipes.  In this quest, I generally scour the internet for ones that sound unique and interesting.  My favorite sites to search include: Taste of Home, Moms Who Think,, and Simply Recipes. (And there are many more.) Now that we are in the heart of winter, here is a cheesecake, courtesy of Sue Gronholz (Beaver Dam, Wisconsin) and Taste of Home magazine that sounds like a good match for the winter season.  I can’t wait to try this one.  Enjoy!

Layered Mocha Cheesecake