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Necktie of the Month — September 2015!

September 2, 2015

IMG_0827“It’s a twister, it’s a twister . . . ”  This month I will be highlighting a necktie that I don’t actually own (that’s a first).  I was at dinner with friends the other night and we got to talking about neckties.  He no longer wears them on a regular basis, but when he did, he had this one tie that he only wore when he was going to have to negotiate (he called it his “windy bull$#!?* tie” because that was all he was expecting to hear during the negotiations).  It is this Wizard of Oz necktie featuring twisters, Dorothy, Toto, and the Wicked Witch of the West.  Very cool indeed.  I will have to give this tie back to him eventually (thank you Robert!), but until I do, I will find ways to enjoy its versatile use with either my gray, my black, or my beige suits.  Some of the shirts that it pairs with particularly well: gray, black, beige, and maroon.

Necktie of the Month — August 2015!

August 3, 2015

IMG_0738This month I will be highlighting one of my more conservative bowties . . . standard black and white.  And while this tie will look great on all of the usual suspects: white shirt, black shirt, and gray shirt,  because it is black and white (colors that go with just about anything), this tie will look great with any of my shirts (maybe not the pastels), but especially the bright neon-colored shirts in my closet: red, orange, pink, blue, green, and purple.  Once again I find myself confronted with so many options, but so little time.

Necktie of the Month — July 2015!

July 3, 2015

IMG_0813Here we are, the day before we celebrate the anniversary of our independence, and I am thinking this would be the perfect opportunity (and most apropos) to highlight one of my recent acquisitions that is quite the patriotic necktie — an abstract version of the American flag in red, white, and blue from the Jerry Garcia “Happy Birthday” collection.  The shirt pairings should be simple for this one: red, white, or blue.  Of course, they will have to be the correct shade of red, white, and blue, or it won’t work.  I know I’m safe with the white shirt, and luckily enough, I have a several shirts with differing shades of blue, so I have plenty of choices from which to choose. The pale blue and the navy blue may be the best candidates for a pairing, but I have a shade of blue shirt leaning more toward a dark aqua that actually doesn’t look to bad when paired with this tie.  I also have a bright red shirt that compliments this necktie quite well. Then when I accessorize the shirt/tie combo with a pair of suspenders (I have separate red, white, and blue braces/ suspenders), it creates a look that is not too shabby at all.

Necktie of the Month — June 2015!

June 2, 2015

IMG_0732[1]This month’s necktie will help remind us that 1) we should always be ready to party and 2) we shouldn’t need a reason to party!  And since three of my brothers will have celebrated birthdays between Memorial Day and Fourth of July, this is as good a time as any to post my “party” necktie.  Shown here on my yellow shirt, this colorful necktie would look equally amazing on many of my colored shirts: specifically, my hot pink shirt, my bright green shirt, my aqua blue shirt, my black shirt, and my white shirt (of course — everything goes with white). I’m not convinced it would look too good on my red, tan, orange, or purple shirts, but that’s okay.  I have plenty of options.  So Happy Birthday Andy, Dave, and Jim!

Necktie of the Month – May 2015!

May 3, 2015

ArgyleNecktieThis month, I will be highlighting yet another one of my bowties as the “necktie of the month.”  This particular tie is a lovely holiday plaid (hunter green, red, and white) that will pair beautifully with a plain white shirt as well as any dark green shirt or red shirt or even a black shirt (although the darker colored shirts may just overwhelm the colors and make the combo a bit too gloomy, especially if you are wanting to liven up the holidays a bit.  I daresay that it might even combine well with one of my yellow shirts to really add that festive spirit.  Of course, even though the colors lend themselves well to the holidays, nothing would stop you from wearing this necktie anytime of year, if you were so inclined.

Necktie of the Month – April 2015!

April 2, 2015

ReneThis month I will be highlighting one of my hand painted silk neckties.  This particular tie was a gift from a very good friend of mine who just so happens to be an artist as well.  So please indulge me and allow me to give a shout out to René Shoemaker, painter on silk extraordinaire!  Rene is a really  talented artist whose main medium is silk and her focus has a definite architectural bend.  This necktie goes really well with my gray shirt, but looks just as fine with my white shirt, my sage green shirt, and my black shirt.  I first met René several years ago at an Annual Conference of the Special Libraries Association.  She was a solo librarian at an architectural library within the University of Georgia who has since retired and is now pursuing her art on a more full-time basis.  Now that she is no longer attending conferences, I am able to keep up with and follow her art via her blog, Coffee Cup Press.  One of these days I will just have to take a trip back to Georgia to visit.  Keep up the good work René!  Happy painting!

Necktie of the Month, March 2015!

March 2, 2015

IMG_0735This month I will be highlighting another one of my bowties.  This multicolored tie provides a lot of versatility when it comes to selecting which shirt to wear.  And, as with most of my colorful neckties, the color of the complementing shirt really makes a difference on the impression this particular tie will make.  My favorite colored shirt to wear with this tie (and most conservative look, believe it or not) is my pale purple shirt.  But if you really want a bold look, the following colored shirts really accentuate a “bright” look: black, lemon  yellow, bright orange, neon green, raspberry, teal blue, and hot pink (a really amazing look).

Necktie of the Month – February 2015!

February 2, 2015

IMG_0775Since Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away, my red and pink (the traditional colors for Valentine’s Day) necktie is the perfect choice for this month’s post.  I do have a solid red bow tie, but I do not have any other “novelty” tie (with hearts or cupid), so this one will have to suffice.  And, it is one of my newer acquisitions — this tie was gifted to me at Christmas by one of my co-workers (secret Santa) — and it came with a matching pocket square, and, a set of cuff links!   Twas a most thoughtful (and practical) gift.  It did however reveal a gap in my current wardrobe.  Aside from my plain white shirt, the only other shirt that really compliments this necktie is my really pale pink shirt.  The combination works, but it certainly is a bit bland.  So, over the Christmas break, I forced myself to go shopping (it did not require a great deal of force) and found a wonderfully bright hot pink shirt which really looks great with this tie, and a plain white shirt with French cuffs (so that I can use the matching cuff links).  Ah, life is good indeed.

Necktie of the Month – January 2015!

January 5, 2015

IMG_0741As we officially welcomed the winter solstice a couple of weeks ago, allow me to highlight one of my snowmen neckties (I have a couple now).  Growing up in Michigan, we certainly had our share of winter weather with plenty of snow.  From building snowmen, to tunneling in the drifts, to building snow castles, to snowball fights, to playing “king of the hill” with my brothers on the mounds of snow in our yard created by the snow plows, my memories of playing in the snow are many and varied.  I have now spent the last 30+ years in Oklahoma where winter is drastically different.  Freezing rain (ice) is more the norm (and a lot less fun) and when we do get the occasional snow, it is not nearly as frequent, nor as voluminous in comparison or duration.  I miss the crisp, clean air and the serenity that accompany a freshly fallen snow — ’tis even more magical when it happens overnight and you awaken to a winter wonderland.

Necktie of the Month – Holiday Bonus!

December 22, 2014

IMG_0739I probably should have highlighted one of my several holiday neckties as the official “necktie of the month” for December, but alas, I did not.  So, here is a bonus necktie post to correct this oversight. This is one of my newer acquisitions, a Jerry Garcia holiday tie entitled “Creme de Menthe Hangover” (what fun!)  With a title like this, one certainly can ponder whether the reference to Creme de Menthe is because of the sporadic and possibly drunken/ill-defined highlights of green in the necktie . . . or perhaps it refers to the condition of the artist (and the guilty libation) when the necktie was designed . . . or perhaps I’m just over thinking the title . . . ah, what fun!  The tie looks really great with my festive red shirt.  And, it doesn’t look too bad with my holiday green shirt either.  With such colorful options in my closet, I can’t even imagine wearing this necktie with a plain white shirt, but it is always an option (I guess).  I currently have ten (10) holiday neckties, two (2) of which are bow ties: a solid red one, and a green and red plaid one.  So despite the short season, I do have plenty of options.  If my collection continues to grow, I may reach the point where someday I would be able to wear a different holiday necktie for each work day between Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . heaven help me!


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