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Bragging Rights?

November 30, 2010

We are a highly competitive culture.  Everything seems to be a competition . . . from our families (competing for attention), to school (competing for grades or admission to prestigious schools), to our organized or sometimes unorganized sports (competing for championships), to the workplace (competing for jobs, salaries, praise or recognition, etc.), we continually compete against others as we strive to be the best at our given endeavors.  With competition come certain “bragging rights” when you’ve competed successfully.

The flip side of this is humility.   My parents were constantly stressing and reinforcing the need to be humble in all things.  Strive to do your best, but never brag or boast about your successes — be thankful instead.

Well, today is Rodomontade Day . . . a day to brag or boast.  Let’s not go overboard and become obnoxious; exercise moderation and do just enough boasting to raise your self-esteem.  Be proud of what you do well.


\rod-uh-mon-teyd\, noun, adjective, verb;

1.  vainglorious boasting or bragging; pretentious, blustering talk.

2.  bragging.

3.  to boast; brag; talk big.

‘Tis the Season to Celebrate Art!

November 29, 2010

If you love art, and if you are in the Tulsa area this Thursday, then you will not want to miss “The Reunion Show” with the artists of the former Color Connection Gallery! 

The Reunion Show opening reception with the artists is Thursday, December 2, 2010, from 5 PM to 8 PM and will run through December 30, 2010, at the Savage Art Gallery & The Gallery on Sixth (2205 East 6th Street).

Come see (and purchase) the latest works by these wonderful artists:

And, while you are at it, why not hit the other two gallery receptions/openings that are occuring the same night?  The Pierson Gallery (1307 East 15th Street) is having an opening reception from 5 PM to 7 PM for a David Charles Anderson: Contemporary Sculpture exhibit which will run until February 5, 2011.  And, the Pearl Gallery (1201 East 3rd Street) has their opening reception for their holiday group show from 5 PM to 8 PM and running through December 29, 2010.

Come celebrate art!

Shaking It Up!

November 28, 2010

Another weekend of college football has come and gone which means yet another shake-up in the top-25 as the elite teams all jockey for position as they continue to vie for the coveted BCS bowl games.   I daresay, there was probably more than an occasional moue this weekend as upsets (and close calls) were aplenty.

Let’s start with the close calls this week: #2 Auburn overcame a 24-point deficit to squeak out a victory against #11 Alabama (28-27), and #20 Utah scored all of their 17 points in the fourth quarter to outlast unranked BYU (17-16).

The upsets included: #4 Boise State losing to #19 Nevada; #5 LSU losing to #12 Arkansas; #9 Oklahoma State losing to #13 Oklahoma; #23 North Carolina State losing to unranked Maryland; and #24 Iowa losing to unranked Minnesota.

The Big Ten Conference ended in a three-way tie for first place between Michigan State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin who all managed to win their final conference game and end their seasons at 11-1!  Congratulations on a great season!  This is the Spartans first Big Ten title since 1990, and,  the Spartans won at Penn State for the first time since 1965 and the for first time since Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1993.  Go Green! 


\MOO\, noun;

1.  a pouting grimace.

Go Green! Go Blue!

November 27, 2010

Yep, this weekend, I’m rooting for both the Spartans AND the Wolverines.   In the ever complicated Big Ten Conference there is still a three-way tie at the top (Michigan State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin) and if both of the Michigan teams win . . . the Spartans get to the Rose Bowl.

There are only two ways that Michigan State can get to the Rose Bowl: 1) Ohio State has to lose while Wisconsin and Michigan State must both win, or 2) both Ohio State and Wisconsin must lose and Michigan State must win.   Of course, Ohio State and Wisconsin are both finishing the season at home (against Michigan and Northwestern respectively) while Michigan State must travel to Happy Valley to take on the much improved Penn State Nittany Lions (who have been 4-1 following a 3-3 start).  Michigan State has not won at Happy Valley since Penn State joined the Big Ten Conference (0-8) . . . could this be the year?  The bottomline . . . Michigan State has to win and then have some help from the rest of the Big Ten Conference (namely Michigan and Northwestern) — Go Green!  Go Blue!


November 26, 2010

Food for thought: now that you have all of these leftovers, how long will they last before going bad or spoiling?   First and foremost, make sure you chill any leftovers within 2 hours and avoid overstuffing your refrigerator (an overly full refrigerator cannot effectively circulate air around the food).  And, don’t always just rely on the “sniff” test — bad bacteria can mulitply and grow without altering the taste, smell, or appearance of your food.  Bottom line, I would strive to get to your leftovers within 3-4 days.

  • Casseroles — 4 days in the fridge, 3 months frozen.
  • Homemade eggnog — 3 days in the fridge.
  • Turkey — 3 days in the fridge, 4 months frozen.
  • Pumpkin pie — 4 days in the fridge, 2 months frozen.
  • Stuffing — 4 days in the fridge.
  • Sliced ham — 3 months in the fridge or freezer.
  • Fruitcake — 6 months in the fridge, 1 year in the freezer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!  “Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true meaning of our thanksgiving.”  (W.T. Purkiser)  As we ponder our blessings, let our actions exemplify our thankfulness. 

In addition to being Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) today also marks “Maximum Speed Limit Day.”  Back in 1973, as an energy saving measure, the maximum speed limit was cut to 55 miles per hour . . . it lasted until 1995!  Living in Oklahoma and having to travel to Michigan to visit family, I was truly thankful when the maximum 55 miles per hour speed limit ended . . . it cut my nineteen-hour drive time down to fifteen!   If you are on the roads this holiday season, travel safely!

Oh Nooooooo!

November 24, 2010

Well the Spartans wasted no time at all in garnering their first loss of the season (so much for an undefeated run at the championship) . . . and, while I hope that it is their last, realistically, it probably won’t be.  They have a really tough non-conference schedule in December before moving on to the supremely tough Big Ten Conference schedule (33% of their games will be against top-twenty ranked teams this year).   These early season challenges will certainly prepare us well for March and April!  Go Green!

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”  (H.G. Wells)


November 23, 2010

The Spartans survive a scare from the Silverswords and slide into the semis!   Sweet!

The Maui Invitational has three top-twenty teams participating and all three have managed to advance to the semi-finals.   Next up for the 3-0 Spartans: UConn; the winner will take on the winner of the Kentucky-Washington matchup in the finals on Wednesday.  Go Green!

So, what exactly is a silversword?  Also known as agryroxiphium, it is a perennial plant native to Hawaii (only on the islands of Maui and Hawaii) and found primarily above the 4,900 foot elevation.  The Haleakalā Silversword (pictured to the right) is found only on Maui (at an elevation of 6,900 to 9,800 feet on the Haleakalā summit depression, the rim summits, and surrounding slopes of the dormant Haleakalā volcano). 

I had the good fortune of being able to experience/witness a sunrise from the summit of Mount Haleakalā several years ago . . . it was spectacularly breathtaking.   At the time, I did not know what these plants were, but I do now, thanks to college basketball (Chaminade University and the Maui Invitational Tournament)!

Taking Art to a New Level!

November 22, 2010

Up the hillside!  And, while it may only be a coat of paint, it is transforming the living environment of the Santa Marta neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.  Thirty-four (34) buildings have thus far received this facelift which in turn is lifting the pride in, and the self-esteem of, the community in this poverty-stricken and crime-ridden shanty town.  There are plans to paint an entire favela if enough funding/donations can be raised.

It’s Getting Interesting!

November 21, 2010

There remains a three-way tie for the lead of the Big Ten Conference as Wisconsin (#7), Ohio State (#9), and Michigan State (#11) continued their winning ways and all improve to 10-1.  The Badgers won easily on the road at Michigan while both Ohio State and Michigan State had to “come from behind” to win against Iowa and Purdue respectively.  Michigan State was actually down 28-13 at the end of the 3rd quarter and scored 22 points in the 4th quarter to secure the victory.   The Spartans seem to be playing from behind a lot this season . . . but they continue to get the job done and are having a fabulous year.  Next up: @ Penn State.  An interesting note: the Spartans only loss came at the hands of a ranked Iowa team (at Iowa) and they have the lowest ranking of the three despite having beaten a ranked Wisconsin team who in turn defeated the then #1 Buckeyes.  Go Green! 

There was only one major upset in college football yesterday: in the Big 12, A&M (#19) defeated Nebraska (#8).